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Edwin Pope’s Death Further Contracts Fraternity of Great Boxing Writers

EDWIN POPE DIES AT 88 — There are some stories that I never wanted to write, and this is one […]

Muhammad Ali: A Life – Insights Culled from a New Documentary

ALI — Last year, I was involved in the making of a documentary entitled Muhammad Ali: A Life that will […]

Is Anthony Joshua the Missing Link for Dr. Steelhammer?

KLITSCHKO vs JOSHUA — No matter what happens when he faces Anthony Joshua this spring, expect Wladimir Klitschko to one […]

The TSS 2016 Event of the Year: The World Says Goodbye to The Greatest

The World Says Goodbye to The Greatest — On Friday, June 10, 2016, seven days after his death, a hearse […]

For Whom The 10-Count Bells Tolled: 2016 Boxing Obits

2016 BOXING OBITS — The year that wasn’t started off slowly last January, gaining little momentum as the months passed […]

McGregor Challenge of Mayweather Another Case of Apples vs. Oranges

McGREGOR vs MAYWEATHER – The silliest question I ever heard about supposedly was posed to the female entertainment director of […]

Can December Salvage a Bad Year in Boxing and Kindle a Rebound?

CAN DECEMBER SALVAGE A BAD YEAR? — So far, according to websites that track the most popular trends on social […]

In His New Book, Muhammad Ali Biographer Thomas Hauser Pays Tribute to “The Greatest”

Thomas Hauser Pays Tribute – “The intellectual heavyweight of all boxing writers is the incomparable Thomas Hauser,” wrote Mike Gallego […]

Muhammad Ali Life Lessons: Race Doesn’t Matter

Muhammad Ali Life Lessons – During the 2008 presidential campaign, as a white guy, I had no problem with a […]

Muhammad Ali and Those Days in L.A.

Muhammad Ali – When I used to run into Muhammad Ali on occasion back in the 1980s it was a […]