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Pep vs Saddler: The Underappreciated Arch-Rivalry

WILLIE PEP AND SANDY SADDLER — Saturday, Feb. 11, marks the 68th anniversary of Willie Pep’s most celebrated ring performance. […]

In His New Book, Jerry Izenberg Pays Homage to the Golden Era of Heavyweights

JERRY IZENBERG’S “Once There Were Giants”: — Anyone who saw the great 2004 biopic about Ray Charles, Ray, might recall […]

Charisma and Swagger: Boxers With Magnetic Personalities

BOXERS WITH THE “IT’ FACTOR — Irish Jerry Quarry, a well-spoken and good looking kid from Southern California but an […]

Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame Reveres Past, Looks to Future

ATLANTIC CITY BOXING HALL OF FAME — The Roman Empire isn’t going to rise again, a fact of life that […]

30 Years Ago Today: Kid Dynamite Arrives and a New Era is Born

Kid Dynamite Arrives – “That’s all! It’s over! And we have a new era in boxing!” — HBO’s Barry Tompkins on […]

Ex-Cons in the Prize Ring: A Cautionary Tale

Demond Brock, who won a minor WBC lightweight strap in his 13th professional fight, headlines the next boxing card at […]

The Hauser Report: Mike Tyson, UFC, and More

THE HAUSER REPORT. A significant anniversary in boxing history is drawing near. Thirty years ago – on 22 November 1986 […]

The `Other’ Donald – Don King – Foresaw Trump’s Buster Douglas-esque Upset

DON KING FORESAW TRUMP’S UPSET — Millions upon millions of Americans know the new president-elect by one of his nicknames, […]

Tyson-Holyfield I: Looking Back on the 20th Anniversary of a Shocker

TYSON-HOLYFIELD I. Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier were fierce career rivals who are forever linked via their fierce heavyweight trilogy. […]

Mike Tyson Offers Reward For Return of Stolen Title Belts

Tyson Offers Reward – Mike Tyson has placed an item on his facebook page offering a reward for the boxing belts […]