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When the Fourth of July was a Big Day for Boxing

We’re going way back, but there was a time when the Fourth of July was a big day for boxing in the U.S. The high water mark, according to BoxRec, was set in 1922 when there were 67 shows spread across 27 states. In that year, the holiday fell on a Tuesday.

The Boxer that had the Most Charisma? Ali in a Romp but Not Unanimous

Favorite fighter, favorite fight, and favorite round – This survey asks respondents to name the boxer — living or dead — that had the most charisma.

Think You Know Boxing? Then Man Up and Take Our Hall of Fame Trivia Test

The common thread in this trivia test is that every person whose name appears has been named to the International […]

Charisma and Swagger: Boxers With Magnetic Personalities

BOXERS WITH THE “IT’ FACTOR — Irish Jerry Quarry, a well-spoken and good looking kid from Southern California but an […]