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40 years have Passed since Muhammad Ali’s Last Title Defense

Forty years ago? That’s how long it’s been since former undisputed heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali made his last successful defense […]

Why Is Every Fighter Measured Against Perfection?

Have you seen Frank Lotierzo’s young heavyweight prospect, Louis Ali? He’s like no other fighter you’ve ever seen fighting at […]

Joshua-Klitschko Needs To Be Another Holmes-Norton

JOSHUA VS. KLITSCHKO — It is axiomatic in boxing that the heavyweight division is the engine that drives the sport, […]

Is Anthony Joshua the Missing Link for Dr. Steelhammer?

KLITSCHKO vs JOSHUA — No matter what happens when he faces Anthony Joshua this spring, expect Wladimir Klitschko to one […]

Happy 51st Birthday Lennox Lewis

Happy 51st Birthday Lennox Lewis.  Lennox Lewis  is a well known figure and not just in boxing circles. He has […]

The Greatest Heavyweights In Between Ali and Fury

The Greatest Heavyweights In Between Ali and Fury – With the heavyweight division being in the doldrums for the better […]