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Don Elbaum in Wyoming

The next chapter in Wyoming’s experiment with bare-knuckle boxing unfolds tomorrow, June 23, in Gillette (pop. 32,000). Eight bouts are scheduled in the central

Spike O’Sullivan Got Stranded at the Altar Once Again

Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan knows what it’s like to be stranded at the altar. Back in January, it was announced that O’Sullivan would fight Daniel Jacobs at Barclays

Title Bout II: The Cult Classic Boxing Board Game Returns

When boxing historian and statistician James Vincent Trunzo created his beloved boxing simulation board game TITLE BOUT in 1976 it was to satisfy a nagging

The Boxer that had the Most Charisma? Ali in a Romp but Not Unanimous

Favorite fighter, favorite fight, and favorite round – This survey asks respondents to name the boxer — living or dead — that had the most charisma.


Corbett over Sullivan – A compelling case can be made for the heavyweight championship bout that took place on Sept. 7, 1892, in New Orleans as the biggest.