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Requiem for a Heavyweight: The ‘Fighting Bob’ Martin Story

The boxer — once a promising prospect — is petrified as the world of the prize ring is the only world that he has ever known.

Ernest Hemingway, Boxing, and “Fifty Grand”

Ernest Hemingway referenced boxing from time to time in his writing. But one of his works was devoted entirely to […]

Joshua-Klitschko: A Double Commendation to Kick Off the TSS Award Season

Coming into 2017, boxing had a big problem.
That problem was the year 2016.
It had been a terrible 12-month period that produced no truly historic fights

A New Book on Jack Dempsey is Worth a Look

But certain new arrivals sometimes are promptly moved to the front of the line, which was the case with The Million Dollar Man: Jack Dempsey