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Boxers Who Enjoyed Career Success After A Dip

Time will tell, but he can take encouragement from the examples of the fighters listed below who regained their footing after a career dip. They are listed

On The Road With Sonny Liston; a Flashback With Lem Banker

In late June of 1970, Sonny Liston ventured to New Jersey where he dismantled Chuck Wepner in nine gory rounds. […]

“Iron Ambition” – Mike Tyson and Cus D’Amato: Book Review by Thomas Hauser

TYSON AND D’AMATO — Few fighters have captured the public imagination the way that Mike Tyson did. The primary architect […]

30 Years Ago Today: Kid Dynamite Arrives and a New Era is Born

Kid Dynamite Arrives – “That’s all! It’s over! And we have a new era in boxing!” — HBO’s Barry Tompkins on […]

The Patterson-Johansson Rubber Match: The Capstone to a Lusty Trilogy

Patterson-Johansson Rubber Match – The Capstone to a Lusty Trilogy – Neither man’s name is apt to be found on anyone’s […]