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Boxing 2018: Some Thoughts on the Powers That Be

We’re living in an age of vertical integration and corporate consolidation. The path to power in today’s economy lies through the merger of powerful economic interests.

3 Punch Combo: Three Potential Upsets plus Top Rank’s ESPN Deal and More

THREE PUNCH COMBO — September is a busy month in the sport of boxing. There are many cards on the […]

Random Thoughts on a Spectacle That Exceeded My (Modest) Expectations

I had promised myself, and TSS readers, that I absolutely would not spend one cent of my money on the […]

ESPN Will Re-Air Marquez-Pacquiao 4

ESPN Deportes and ESPN2 to Reair Marquez-Pacquiao 4 ESPN Deportes and ESPN2 will present an encore telecast of Manny Pacquiao-Juan […]