Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Shane Mosley

BY The Sweet Science ON May 02, 2012


The fight is about to start. Let's see if Mosley still has anything left in the tank. Mosley at 40, still looks solid and extremely focused.

Round 1

Mosley took one last look into the packed crowd as the bell rang. Mosley using the jab early in the first minute, Canelo is circling the ring. Canelo is patient, hasn’t thrown much in the first half of the round. Good left hook by Canelo in the first minute. But this is a Mosley round so far. The jab is working well.

10-9 Mosley

Round 2

Canelo starts a bit more aggressive as both fighters are getting more comfortable. Canelo is trying to trade jabs. He lands a good right cross, midway through the round. Mosley’s jab is still a factor. Canelo’s power is showing. Close round until the last minute when Canelo landed three great left hands.

Canelo 10-9

Round 3

Canelo has grown patient, he counters Mosley well with a right cross in the first minute. Mosley is throwing with power but has not connected with a solid shot yet in the fight. Canelo timing is giving him the edge. An accidental head butt causes a cut over Canelo’s left eye.  Blood is dripping down his face.

10-9 Canelo

Round 4

Canelo’s corner handles the cut well. Not a cause for concern. It’s still a relatively even fight, Mosley is hanging in, but he needs to do more than throw a jab. From the looks of things on ringside, Canelo does not respect Mosley’s power. Mosley is too cautious.

10-9 Canelo

Round 5

Same story. Mosley throws the jab. Canelo waits to counter. Mosley is down early. He needs to make something happen. The pro Canelo crowd does not help his cause. Action heats up in the last minute as both fighters exchange power shots. Closer round but Canelo gets it.

10-9 Canelo

Round 6

Still looking for the Mosley power shot to land. Canelo is int control. He has not hurt Mosley but he connects multiple combos each round. Canelo lands a great one-two in the last minute.

10-9 Canelo

Round 7

Round 7

Not much different in this round. Canelo is slowly wearing the old champ down with power shots. Mosley continues throwing haymakers., but is getting beat up.

10-9 Canelo

Round 8

Round 8

Canelo invites Mosley to hit him against the ropes. A confident move, an invitation for a knockout punch. The experienced Mosley keeps coming, but eats punches. Blood fromt the earlier headbutt is streaming down Canelo’s face. Yet he still controls the round. Referee tells Shane to watch his head.

10-9 Canelo

Round 9

Canelo keeps pressing. He might not KO the once great Mosley. But he sure is dominating the action. Mosley returns fire at the end of the round. But it was not enough to win.

10-9 Canelo

Round 10

Canelo’s maturity is what people will talk about after this fight. He is not looking for the power shot. Everything is natural. Make no mistake, Mosley can still fight, he proved it tonight. But Canelo is too much. Another good round for Canelo.

10-9 Canelo

Round 11

Mosley comes out with more energy in round 11. He lands a good two-punch combo in the second minute. Canelo is taking his time, might be taking the round off. Canelo closes well. But Mosley might have edged him in this one.

10-9 Mosley

Round 12

In what might be the final round of Shane Mosley’s legendary career he comes out swinging. Mosley starts with wide left hooks that didn’t meet their mark as Canelo paces himself. With a minute to go, Canelo connects with a good left right. The crowd rises as Canelo presses for the KO. It does not happen. Good fight nonetheless.

10-9 Canelo

TSS scores the fight 118-110 for Saul "Canelo" Alvarez

119-109, 118-110, 119-109 for the official judges in favor of Saul "Canelo" Alvarez

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