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The Sweet ScienceMiguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez is moments away!…

Miguel Cotto is in the ring wearing a black and pink outfit. Sergio walks in wearing a Argentina soccer jersey with his nickname on the back, “Maravilla.”

Round 1

Sergio lands the first punch, a jab. Cotto answers with a quick lead right hand. Sergio is circling to his right. Cotto looks sharp. He is landing good shots so far. Cotto wobbles Martinez in the first minute. Martinez goes down! He falls face first, center ring. Cotto rocks Martinez again. Martinez goes down!! Another shot, Martinez falls for the third time! Cotto's left hook is finding the target. Sergio makes it out of the first round.
10-6 Cotto

Round 2

Martinez is bleeding from behind his right ear. Cotto's left hook lands again. But Martinez takes it well. Cotto is keeping the pressure on. Now, Martinez seems to have his legs under him midway through the round. Martinez falls, but it's correctly called a slip by the ref. Cotto is stalking. Cotto dominates the round.
10-9 Cotto

Round 3

Cotto wobbles Martinez early in the round with another left hook. Martinez lands a three-punch combo. Cotto answers with another signature left hook. Although Martinez is getting rocked, he is getting comfortable in there. Another round for Cotto but this one was closer.
10-9 Cotto

Round 4

This round is even in the first minute. Martinez is finding the target with his jab. He begins to get his timing, but then Cotto lands another great counter left hook. Martinez backs up, shows his courage and tells Cotto to bring it. Good round, we'll give it to Cotto again.
10-9 Cotto

Round 5

Cotto lands three straight shots to open the round. Cotto is using a body attack in this round and a frustrated Martinez has no answer. Cotto is also stalking like a right-handed version of Manny Pacquiao. This fight is Cotto's greatest performance so far in his career.

10-9 Cotto

Round 6

Martinez lands a jab followed by an overhand left. Martinez catches Cotto again with a straight left. Cotto hit Martinez with a counter right hand, but Martinez takes it well. For the first time in the fight, Martinez is winning a round. Cotto keeps attacking the body, but Martinez gets the round.
10-9 Martinez

Round 7

Action in center ring, once again, Martinez looks like he is taking the shots from Cotto. Martinez is making Cotto miss. It's an even round midway through. Cotto lands a great right hand that froze Martinez with 40 seconds to go. Martinez's head snaps back again at the end of the round.
10-9 Cotto

Round 8

Martinez is swinging but can't find the target. Cotto is supremely relaxed. He lands another great left hook. It seems like the left hand just cannot miss for Miguel Cotto. Cotto hits Martinez with a hard right hand to end the round.
10-9 Cotto

Round 9

Martinez is bleeding from both eyes. He gets hit with an awesome right uppercut. Martinez is retreating. Cotto is just beating him up. Cotto is walks through Martinez. Martinez's knee hits the canvas after another shot to the head. Cotto keeps on rolling.
10-8 Cotto

Sergio Martinez cannot answer the bell for the 10th round. The fight is over. Miguel Cotto is now the middleweight champion of the world!


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