Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Mike Alvarado: Live round-by-round updates

Mike Alvarado walks in the ring wearing a smirk on his face. Juan Manuel Marquez is in the ring and means business. Michael Buffer is doing his thing, the main event is moments away.

Round 1:

The action takes place in center ring. The fighters are sizing each other up in the first minute, shooting jabs. Marquez landed a good overhand right midway through the round. Alvarado takes it well. Alvarado is very patient, making Marquez lead the action. Marquez is landing but it’s nothing major. Marquez wins the round. But Alvarado is fighting for the long haul.

10-9 Marquez

Round 2

Alvarado lands a good counter left hook in first minute. Action is picking up, Marquez returns first with a three punch combo to the head. Alvarado is fighting a good fight but isn’t winning the rounds yet. The fight is relatively even, but Marquez is the busier fighter.

10-9 Marquez

Round 3

Marquez is landing well to the body. He is starting to showcase his skill and experience. Alvarado has yet to open up with combinations. Alvarado shoots a wild left hook that misses and Marquez makes him answer. Alvarado winds up with a left hook again, this time it lands. But once again, Marquez wins the round.

10-9 Marquez

Round 4

Marquez lands a hard right hand followed by a solid straight left. Alvarado is looking for the big shot, but Marquez is landing and slipping away. Marquez hits Alvarado with a four punch combo. Alvarado has no answer so far in this fight.

10-9 Marquez

Round 5

Alvarado lands a right hook, followed by a straight left, his best two punches of the fight in the first minute of the round. His is trying to box, but Marquez is still picking him apart. This is a closer round but Marquez’s efficiency is the difference once again.

10-9 Marquez

Round 6

Alvarado is still playing the boxing card against a master boxer. He has not shown a sense of urgency yet. Marquez lands a brilliant four punch combo. Marquez is winning the inside exchanges. Another easy round for the Mexican legend.

10-9 Marquez

Round 7

Action in center ring again. Alvarado comes forward but cannot land any effective punches. Marquez lands more impressive combinations on the button. Easy does it. This is a one-sided fight so far.

10-9 Marquez

Round 8

Alvarado lands a good overhand right that Marquez takes well. Marquez is circling the ring, sticking and moving. Alvarado hits the canvas after getting hit by a tremendous counter right hand by Marquez. Alvarado survives the round but looks hurt.

10-8 Marquez

Round 9

Marquez goes down after getting hit by a nice counter right hand by Alvarado. Marquez gets up quick and lands eight straight speed shots to the head. The crowd is going crazy. Alvarado wobbles Marquez with another right hand. The action is finally picking up. Alvarado has a bad cut under his left eye. Marquez hits Alvarado with a big left hand. Great round.

10-8 Alvarado

Round 10

Alvarado hits Marquez with a good left hook in the first minute. He is pushing Marquez back for the first time. Alvarado is trying to find his way inside, but Marquez is making him pay with counter shots. This is a close round. Alvarado lands a hard right hand, Marquez answers back with a right hand of his own.

10-9 Alvarado

Round 11

The fighters are trading left hooks in center ring. This is a close round. Alvarado’s defense is better in this round, but Marquez is landing the better punches. Marquez gets hit with a right hand that almost knocks him down, but he still does enough to win the round.

10-9 Marquez

Round 12

Alvarado lands a good right hand in the first minute. Marquez is fighting defensively in this round. He knows the fight is in the bag as long as it goes the distance. Alvarado lands a good three punch combo in the second minute. Marquez comes back with a good right hand in the final seconds, but it is not enough to win the round.

10-9 Alvarado

TSS scores the fight 116-111 for Juan Manuel Marquez

The official judges scorecards read 117-109 117-109 and 119-108 for Juan Manuel Marquez