Mayweather vs. Maidana –  Live round-by-round updates

Both fighters are in the ring. Jimmy Lennon Jr. is ready to announce. we ‘re almost ready!

OK. Let’s go.

Round 1

Action in center ring, Floyd Maidana is circling to his left action in first minute. Maidana is rushing Mayweather. Floyd is against the ropes and the crowd is going crazy. Floyd is hitting Maidana with vicious shots but Floyd is taking them well. This is a big round for Maidana.

Maidana 10-9

Round 2

Floyd Seems unfazed by previous round. Floyd hits Maidana with two quick shots, a left and right to the head. Floyd Seems more comfortable. Maidana His jab is keeping at bay. Good, smart, round for Floyd.

Floyd 10-9

Round 3

Floyd using good footwork, backing up and shooting shots. It’s signature Floyd. But Maidana gets him on the ropes midway through the round and lands a good uppercut. Ref warns Maidana for roughhousing. Good round for Floyd. Also I have is Effective landing shots with his back against the ropes.

Floyd 10-9

Round 4

Floyd is tagging Maidana again. Stick and move. Floyd’s right eye is cut with a punch. keeps pawing at it I, But Also hitting Maidana with good left hooks. Floyd’s It’s round but Might Get things interesting.

Floyd 10-9

Round 5

Cut is maintained. Now, Floyd goes back to work. Maidana hits Floyd with a solid overhand right That Takes Floyd well. It’s a good round for Maidana. The brawler from Argentina focused on Floyd’s body with good roundhouse punches.

Maidana 10-9

Round 6

Floyd is winning the first half of this round With His feet. He’s moving all over the ring and tagging Maidana When need be. Floyd hit Maidana with a perfect right uppercut midway through the round. Maidana looks tired for the first time. Floyd is coming forward and timing well. Good round for Floyd.

Floyd 10-9

Round 7

Maidana is stalking, and looking for a clean punch, but I is paying the price with Floyd’s great counterattack. Floyd hit Maidana with a four-punch combo pretty to get off the ropes. Comfortable Floyd seems. The cut is under monitoring and so is the fight.

Floyd 10-9

Round 8

Maidana is using any trick I can to survive. Floyd I hit low and gets a warning from the referee. Floyd is unfazed. The undefeated champ is on the attack and seemingly looking for the knockout. Maidana hits Floyd with a good left hook to the body at the end of the round. But Floyd wins.

Floyd 10-9

Round 9

Floyd is going southpaw, but gets cornered against the ropes. fights I have off with a beautiful combo. Maidana is pressing and connecting well, but Floyd is doing the same. This is a closer round but Floyd was in check again.

Floyd 10-9

Round 10

Maidana comes forward and gets hit, but walks through the punches. Maidana taunts Floyd and tells him to fight. The action is rough but it’s good. Very close round, but Floyd steals it at the end.

Floyd 10-9

Round 11

Maidana is pressing well. Floyd can not find the target as Easily as I did in Earlier rounds. Maidana shoulders Floyd against the ropes, puts his head in the undefeated champions chest, and throws power shots. Floyd tackles Maidana to the canvas. The crowd goes crazy. Floyd shakes his head in disgust at the sound of the bell.

Maidana 10-9

Round 12

Good fight. The crowd is on its feet and seemingly divided. Floyd lands an awesome left That shakes Maidana’s head. Floyd not moving his legs as much, and Maidana is pressing forward, looking for the exclamation point. Close round. We’ll call it even!


114-114, 117-111, 116-112 in favor of the winner by majority decision Floyd Mayweather

TSS scored it 116-113 for Floyd Mayweather



-El Dude :

The fight between Marcos Maidana and Lucky Floyd Mayweather has become the most disgraceful "Moment" in the entire history of Boxing. The biggest upset of the decade was denied to the world due to the greed and self interest that has plagued the sport. The fight was a solid 8-4 in favor of Maidana and the only thing that stood out from Floyd was his clinching for dear life. Floyd should be ashamed of himself for accepting this robbery of a decision which will only add more criticism to his legacy. I am ashamed not at the sport but for my continuous support to the obvious thievery that has become the norm. Marcos the Bee-Hive Maidana clearly won the fight with his unrelenting assault but was held to often by the clinching of the so called champ who only resembled a frantic person being attacked by a bunch of killer bees. Ladies and Gentleman take a good close look at what Boxing has become, nothing but bullshit. Marcos keep your head up for the entire world knows that Floyd loss his 46th fight. Fans of boxing are being ridiculed by the entire sport community as they keep calling us suckers for cheering and buying " fixed " PPV seats. The appreciation and support of us fans to the sport of boxing has been recognized by the Boxing Politics with a slap to our face. by El Dude.

-SouthPawFlo :

8rds to 4???? Did you even watch the fight??? There's no way Chino won 8rds....