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pacquiaovsBradley2 c9eeeOK. Let's do this!

Timothy Bradley walks towards the ring. He looks tense and supremely focused. Both fighters are in the ring. The crowd boos Bradley When He walks in the ring.

Pacquiao comes out first, sporting a robe with Filipino colors. Pacquiao looks relaxed, but clam. He is smiling and looks happy.
Manny Pacquiao 55-5, 38 knockouts vs. Timothy Bradley 31-0, 12 knockouts

The National Anthems are done … You know what That Means.  It's Time for Pacquiao-Bradley2!

Round 1

Bradley comes out throwing a jab. Pac matches him. Pac coming forward early. boxing Bradley is from the outside. Both fighters are looking for the counter. Pac Bradley caught with a good right in the second minute. Bradley wins the round.

Bradley 10-9

Round 2

Bradley gets off early in round two. Pac throws four wild shots but does not connect. Bradley is controlling the action. Pac does not look like the furious warrior That we are used to seeing in the ring. minute Second, Pac lands a beautiful left That wobbles to the face Bradley. Bradley comes back, and returns fire. This is a great round. Pacquiao coming forward, and Bradley misses a counter right. Good round.

Pac 10-9

Round 3

Pac lands good one-two in the first minute. Good fight. Pac's straight left is hitting the target. Bradley is taking them well. Pac is scoring but Bradley is Also connecting with solid shots. Pac's speed is the difference.

Pac 10-9

Round 4

This round starts slower than the others. Bradley is coming forward but missing wide shots. Bradley lands a good right hook. Pac Bradley hits with a good right hand wobbles That Pac. This is Bradley's round. Pac But is landing good body shots.

Bradley 10-9

Round 5

Bradley is again throwing power shots. This is more of a “boxing round.” The round is up for grabs in the last minute. Bradley is the aggressor and landed Pac Have Not any big shots. ends the round Bradley With His hands down and can not land any punches Pac.

Bradley 10-9

Round 6 

Bradley is out-boxed Pacquiao in round five and I have is doing it again in round 6. Pac Bradley hits with a good left counter. Pac misses three straight shots and Bradley counters with a good left. Pac misses more wide shots.

Bradley 10-9

Round 7

Good left hand shot by Pac. His best punch in three rounds. Bradley comes back with a good body punch. Pac looks better In this round. Pac's left hits the target. Then I hit Bradley with multiple unanswered shots. Bradley is against the ropes . Bradley calls him, and Pac lands more unanswered shots. wobbles Bradley at the sound of the bell.

Pac 10-9

Round 8

Strategically Bradley comes out boxing on his back foot. Pac is waiting for Bradley to come towards him. Pac lands a good straight left. Make that another straight left. Pac is in control.

Pac 10-9

Round 9

Bradley Pac straight hits with two good shots. The action is taking place all over the ring. Pac is landing good combos. throwing haymakers at Bradley is Pac, looking for the big shot. Pacquiao wins easy.

Pac 10-9

Round 10

Bradley keeps throwing power punches. But he is not landing punches Effective. Pac is making him miss and throwing great combinations. Pac's speed is the difference once again. Pacquiao's round. 

Pac 10-9

Round 11

Bradley lands two very good right hands to the head In this round. backing Bradley is up, looking for the right counter. Bradley's right hand hits Pac again. This is his best round in a while.

Bradley 10-9

Round 12 

Great round. Both fighters are putting it all out there. Pac lands a good straight left in the first minute. It's his round so far. Bradley throws, catches Pac. Pac Bradley wobbles in the second minute. Bradley lands a good left hook. accidental head-butt with 12 seconds to go, Pac is cut over the right eye. The round is over.


PAC 10-9

Official judges — 116-112, 116-112, 118-110 scores all for the winner Manny Pacquiao 

TSS scores 115-113 for Manny Pacquiao.


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