Floyd Mayweather Vs. Saúl Canelo Alvarez : Live round-by-round updates

001 Mayweather and CaneloAre you nervous like me? It is almost time for the show!! 

My gosh. The biggest fight in recent memory is finally here. Both fighters look ready and quite frankly this jam packed arena is ready. Canelo fans are all over the place. Singing and cheering. They think it's their man's night to shine. But Money May does not play. 

Canelo walks in first sporting a robe with the colors of the Mexican flag. He looks relaxed as the joyous crowd sings his entrance song.  

They chant Canelo Canelo Canelo….

Now it’s Floyd’s turn. With Lil Wayne on his side, Floyd walks towards the ring with his usual chill. He’s chewing gum and walking towards the ring as if he’s getting the morning paper.

Jimmy Lennon is doing thing. We are ready to go.

Let's go!

Round 1

This crowd is nuts. The action stars in center ring. Floyd is coming forward early sticking out he jab. It’s a war of jabs in the first minute. Floyd is keeping his distance and lands a good right hand lead. It’s his round so far. Floyd is in control.

Floyd 10-9 

Round 2

This is more of a cautious round for both fighters. Neither guy is willing to commit and go inside. Floyd’s back hits the ropes for the first time in the bout around the midway point. Canelo is fighting well. He is patient and he is looking for the counter show. Floyd hit Canelo with a good left jab. Close round. I give it to Canelo.

Canelo 10-9 

Round 3

Canelo is showing his boxing skills there. He is practicing the art of patience. He lands a good left hook that gets the crowd in frenzy. Floyd comes back with a good right of his own. Canelo’s pressure is making Floyd uncomfortable.  

Canelo 10-9

Round 4

Floyd is back on the offensive. He hits Canelo with two good right hands that shake him up. Canelo answers with a low blow. Bayless issues Canelo a warning. Good right hook to the body by Floyd. Floyd is tagging him in this round. He freezes Canelo with a left hook to the head to punctuate the round.

10-9 Floyd 

Round 5

Good counter right by Floyd early in the round. He looks more comfortable and stands in front of Canelo. There is little movement. The action is taking place in the pocket. Canelo is throwing hard shots and lands a good right to the head. But Floyd looks in control of the action.  Floyd’s round but Canelo looks strong.

Floyd 10-9

Round 6

Canelo isn’t slowing down. He comes forward early in this round and connects with a good left hook. Canelo gets warned for pushing. Floyd is once again in control. His right hands are finding the target and Canelo looks like he is sucking air. Good round for Floyd.

Floyd 10-9  

Round 7

Swing and miss for Canelo. Floyd knocks back Canelo with a straight right hand. The crowd is looking for anything to get up and go crazy. But this round is almost like a sparring session for Floyd.  He dominated Canelo in round 7.

Floyd 10-9

Round 8

Canelo throws a four-punch combo that hits nothing but air. He is stalking Floyd around the ring but cannot catch him. Floyd comes forward with a good jab and once again controls the action. Floyd is moving more in this round. Floyd hits Canelo with a five-punch combo that looked breathtaking. It is an easy round for Floyd.

Floyd 10-9 

Round 9

It’s a Floyd Mayweather boxing clinic so far, but Canelo keeps coming forward.  Floyd hits Canelo with a nice right uppercut. In the second minute, Canelo is swimming for the fences but cannot find the target. Floyd is dominant again.

Floyd 10-9

Round 10

Floyd is too good for Canelo. Some members of the media stopped watching the fight. Meanwhile Floyd continues to tag Canelo with right hand shots and then dances away. Canelo hits Floyd with three good body shots. They were his best punches in the fight since round two.

Floyd 10-9 

Round 11

Canelo throws a wild right hand and follows it with two more. Floyd tags him with a left jab and the action progresses. It’s business as usual. Floyd follows three jabs with a beautifully timed left hook. Canelo tries to return fire but hits nothing. Canelo backs Floyd in the corner and gets in some good shots. But it’s not enough to win the round.

Floyd 10-9 

Round 12

Floyd Mayweather is the best fighter on the planet.  Don’t let any one tell you different. It’s more of the same story in round 12. There is no need for Floyd to get cute and go for the knockout. He is dominating.

Floyd 10-9 

TSS scores it 118-110 for Floyd Mayweather. Judges score it 114-114, 116-112, 117-111 for Floyd Mayweather.