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Mayweather vs Guerrero

It's May Day. Mayweather's day in the sun or Guerrero's historic upset? We are about to find out!  It's almost Showtime!

Fighters are in the ring. Jimmy Lennon is ready to announce. We're moments away.  

Round 1 
Floyd lands a good right. He lands a few of them in a row. Mayweather is going toe to toe. Little movement. Guerrero looks strong in there. This is a good round. Guerrero gets hit again with a right to end the round. 
10-9 Floyd 

Round 2

Mayweather got caught with a left hand to begin the second. It’s a rough fight. Guerrero rushes Floyd but misses with three wild punches. Good round for Guerrero after two minutes. He is showing patience. Floyd is using the jab. It’s a close round.

Floyd 10-9

Round 3

Floyd is moving more around the ring. Stick and move. He jabs and moves away. Guerrero is getting hit more in this round but he is taking the shots well.  Best round for Floyd so far. The right hand for Floyd is finding the target.

10-9 Floyd 

Round 4

Floyd uses the first thirty seconds to move around the ring. He gets tagged by a Guerrero left then returns fire with a right of his own. Guerrero is using the jab to find his target but cannot tag Floyd. This is great boxing and movement by Mayweather. Floyd shows why he is the best in this round.

10-9 Floyd 

Round 5
Floyd’s right hand is the difference. Guerrero keeps coming forward. He throws the jab but cannot follow with the left. Guerrero’s demeanor has changed. He looks a bit confused by Floyd’s elusiveness.  
10-9 Floyd
Round 6
Floyd is super quick. Guerrero starts the round with a wide right hook that Floyd avoids easily. Floyd looks sharp. This is a better round for Guerrero but he still cannot time Floyd. Floyd tags Guerrero with a right hand to end the round. 
10-9 Floyd 

Round 7

Guerrero is not getting rocked. Just out-boxed. He is still coming forward but it’s a swing and a miss, almost, every time. Guerrero is attacking more to the body. But Floyd is still in control.

10-9 Floyd 

Round 8

Guerrero’s left eye is cut by a punch. He is dripping blood. It is right hand, after right hand, after right hand, by Floyd. In this round, Floyd is targeting the body. Floyd hurts Guerrero at the end of the round.

10-9 Floyd 

Round 9

Guerrero lands a good left to the body. Floyd takes it well. Mayweather lands a good right uppercut. Blood is still dripping from Guerrero’s eye. But he is putting on pressure. This is Guerrero’s best round.

10-9 Guerrero 

Round 10

Guerrero is pressing again. Floyd catches him with a strong one-two combo. Floyd is against the ropes but there’s no clear danger. Referre warns Guerrero for punching behind the head. Although Guerrero is applying pressure, Floyd is still in control. Floyd feints and lands the right hand at the end of the round.

10-9 Floyd  

Round 11

This is much of the same story. Guerrero is applying pressure with little success. Floyd lands good combos in the center of the ring. He slugs with Guerrero. Floyd wins another round.

10-9 Floyd

Round 12

Final three minutes. Guerrero charges hard and tries to cut off the ring. Floyd bounces around the ring, looks at the clock at one point. The champ lands good combos to punctuate the round.

10-9 Floyd

TSS scores the fight 119-109 for Floyd Mayweather 

All three judges score the fight 117-111 for Floyd Mayweather. 

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