Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah: Live round-by-round updates

Garcia vs Judah

Danny Garcia vs. Zab Judah 

Zab Judah walks first to the ring wearing a black robe. He walks slow and looks ready. Garcia sports camouflage. The Brooklyn crowd showers him with boos. 

Referee Steve Smoger is the third man. We are ready to go!

Round 1
Not much action in the first minute. Garcia connects with two straight rights to Judah’s chest. Judah is throwing the jab consistently but Garcia is stalking, coming forward and wins the first round. 
10-9 Garcia 

Round 2

Garcia’s right finds the target again. He backs Judah even when it doesn’t connect. Swift hits Judah with two good rights in the second minute. Judah returns fire with a strong counter left that Garcia took well. It’s another Garcia round but Judah is closing the gap. Judah hits Garcia with a good left to end the round.

10-9 Garcia

Round 3
Garcia comes in with the straight right again. Judah slips it well. Super Judah lands a good left that backs Garcia. Good defense from Judah in this round. Garcia misses a wide right-hand at the end.
Judah 10-9
Round 4
Garcia reestablishes command in this round. He is walking Judah back to the ropes. The constant pressure is making Judah uncomfortable. Judah throws a good combo at the end of the round but he lost some momentum in round four. Garcia’s straight shots are finding the target. 
10-9 Garcia

Round 5

Garcia is beginning to walk through Judah’s punches. He counters two Judah jabs with a strong hooks to the body. Garcia’s right hand pops Judah’s head back. He wobbles Judah with a right hand. Judah is in trouble. He is absorbing punishment in the corner. Judah survives the round.

10-9 Garcia

Round 6
Garcia rushes Judah and tees off with shots to Judah’s head. Judah gets rocked by a right, wobbles but stays on his feet. Judah returns fire with a perfect left hand and froze Garcia. Judah backs to the corner but he is not going down. And Judah seems to have all of his faculties. 
10-9 Garcia 

Round 7

Judah seems to have his legs back. Garcia is stalking like usual but Judah is circling well and using the jab to keep at bay. This is a better round for Judah. Judah comes forward with a stiff left. Garcia misses with two left hooks at the end of the round.

10-9 Judah

Round 8

Judah’s jab is working. He is circling away and lands and good one-two. Judah lands a good straight left. Garcia counters with a solid right that floors Judah to the canvas. Judah is cut under the left eye but survives the round. He is not in serious trouble.

Garcia 10-8 

Round 9

Garcia comes out attacking. Judah keeps him at bay with a good left. Garcia’s right hands are staggering Judah. But Judah is using his experience to slip and return with the left hand. This is a close round. But Garcia’s right hand is the deciding factor.

10-9 Garcia 

Round 10

Garcia launches a right that backs Judah into the corner. Judah slips a quick left that lands flush on Garcia’s chin. Garcia wobbles and Judah has turned stalker. Garcia’s punches don’t have as much pop and his legs look weary. Garcia barely survives as the crowd erupts.

10-9 Judah  

Round 11

The fans are chanting Judah as he paws the jab towards Garcia. Judah’s jab to the gut freezes Garcia. Garcia is keeping his distance but is not the same animal. Judah connects with a left hook that wobbles Garcia. Judah lands another powerful left. Judah hits Garcia with a right and Garcia counters wit his own shot that staggers Judah. Great round!

10-9 Judah  

Round 12

Both fighters bleeding and both are throwing awesome shots. An accidental clash of heads forces a cut over Judah’s right eye and on Garcia’s forehead. Judah slips a smooth left hand to Garcia’s chin. Garcia takes it well. Both guys are going at it. Judah hits Garcia with an awesome right hand. Garcia comes forward and returns fire. Another great round for both fighters. Judah takes a close one.

10-9 Judah  

TSS scores the fight 115-112 for Danny Garcia

Judges score it 115-112 114-112 and 116-111 for Danny Garcia