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Canelo vs Trout Round By Round

Canelo vs. Trout

Trout walked out first wearing white trunks. Canelo wears black with red trim. Fighters are announced. It is Showtime!

Round 1

Canelo loosens up his jaw as the fighters bounce around the ring until the bell rings. Action takes place center ring. Canelo circles to his left and Trout throws the first right jab midway through the first minute. Canelo can’t inside so far. Trout is controlling the pace of the round. The crowd goes nuts with every Canelo punch thrown.

Trout 10-9

Round 2

Canelo is backing Trout but still can’t get inside. Trout lands a nice straight left at the end of the first minute. Trout is pawing the jab, not really landing it hard. But the punch is keeping Canelo at bay. Canelo landed a good right uppercut with about thirty seconds to go in the round. Better round for Canelo. But Trout wins again.

Trout 10-9

Round 3

Trout’s length is giving Canelo problems. The Mexican fan favorite has not landed any impact punch so far. Round 3 starts just like the other two. Trout jabs and Canelo stalks. Canelo is reaching with the right hand, looks more aggressive. Canelo opened up with a good right hook to Trout’s chest. Canelo edges this one.

10-9 Canelo

Round 4

Canelo is using the jab more in this round. His right-hand finds the target with minimal damage. As a matter of fact, neither fighter has made a definitive statement. Trout tags Canelo with two straight lefts to the body. This is a close round. Straight left lands again for Trout in the last minute. Canelo is closing the distance but Trout takes the round.

10-9 Trout

Round 5

Trout has neutralized Canelo so far with the jab. Canelo gets hit with a right hook midway through the round but comes back with a right to the body followed by a right to the face. Canelo is stalking well. He hits Trout with a good one-two to the head in the last-minute. It’s a tough round to score. But Canelo gets the edge.

10-9 Canelo

Round 6

Canelo hits Trout with the best punch of the fight, a lead right hand. Canelo’s is landing beautifully in this round. With 90 seconds to go, Trout fights back. He backs Canelo to the ropes and lands multiple left hands. Best round so far. Trout lands well in the final minute. Canelo hits Trout with a right uppercut to close the stanza.

Trout 10-9

Round 7

Trout goes down with a straight right-hand! Trout gets up early in the count. Canelo is on the attack. Trout hits him with a counter left. Trout’s legs are weary. The right-hand is finding its target for Canelo. With one minute to go Trout is still throwing strong. Great round for Canelo.

10-8 Canelo

Round 8

Trout looks back to form. He backs Canelo to the ropes and flashes the jab. Trout is in control even though he has not connected with any significant shots.Canelo seems like he is looking for the big shot. Canelo hits Trout with a straight right in the last-minute. But Trout takes it.

10-9 Trout

Round 9

Canelo lands an awesome straight right that froze Trout. But Trout recovers well. More pressure in this round from Canelo but he gets hit with a good left uppercut at the 90 second point. Canelo is moving well but he did not connect enough to win this round. Good defensive round for Trout.

10-9 Trout

Round 10

Trout shows a bit more aggression in Round 10. Canelo jacks Trout with a solid right uppercut but Trout takes it well. It is an Austin Trout round. Canelo’s shots are strong when they connect but he is not busy enough. Trout hits Canelo with a nice straight left to end the round. Good round for Trout.

10-9 Trout

Round 11

Canelo gets aggressive. He lands a straight right on the button that Trout takes well. Then he retreats. Trout’s attack is steady. He lands a straight left that backs Canelo to the ropes. The fighters exchange shots at the sound of the bell. Close round.

Canelo 10-9

Round 12

It’s a competitive fight but Trout’s commitment to the jab is the difference so far. Trout is coming strong to close the show. The WBC has an open scoring system for this fight and Canelo is winning by a wide-margin on the official scorecards. Canelo knows it and he is keeping his guard up. Meanwhile Trout, who is ahead on our scorecard is winning this round with constant pressure.

Trout 10-9

The judges score a unanimous decision 115-112 116-111 and 118-109 for Canelo Alvarez

TSS scored it 115-112 for Austin Trout!

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