Julio César Chávez Jr. vs Sergio Martinez


My friends, we are moments away from one of the biggest fights of 2012! Sergio Martinez attempts to recapture the middleweight championship from Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. The crowd is packed, pumped, and the fighters are ready to go. No more talk. It's time to dance!

Round 1

Martinez starts the action, follows a jab with a left cross. Chavez hasn’t thrown a punch in the first minute. The fight is taking place in the center of the ring. Check that, Chavez hasn’t thrown a punch in the first ninety seconds. He finally throws a lazy left hook. This is Sergio’s round so far. Nothing of significance in this round besides jabs for Martinez, it’s his round, but Chavez is pacing well.

Martinez 10-9

Round 2

Action picks up in round 2. Martinez hits Chavez with a jab, Chavez drops his hands as if to say – you didn’t hurt me – and attacks Martinez. Chavez is working well to the body. This has turned into an ego fight, action in center ring. This round was close but Martinez gets it again.

Martinez 10-9

Round 3

Martinez is moving well, throwing the jab, and getting out of striking distance. He is sticking to boxing and it is paying dividends on the scorecards. Martinez refuses to trade, he is winning this round, but Chavez is still landing good body shots. Chavez is bleeding inside the mouth.

10-9 Martinez

Round 4

Chavez seems confused, almost demoralized against the matador that keeps slipping away. Martinez is talking smack, and smacking the sweat off of Chavez’s face. Julio is landing more in this round but not enough. Martinez lands a big left to end the round.

10-9 Martinez

Round 5

Martinez is simply out-boxing Chavez, beating him to the punch, and moving, circling his confused opponent. Chavez is not throwing many punches, every time he gets set Martinez moves. Classic work.

10-9 Martinez

Round 6

Chavez is turning up the tempo in round six, and seems to be closing the distance. His nose is bleeding but he is landing good punches. But Martinez is still countering well. It’s Julio’s best round but Martinez gets it again.

10-9 Martinez

Round 7

Sergio is sticking the jab again, pot shots. Chavez’s nose is bleeding and is showing a big heart but Martinez is all over him. Same story. Martinez is dominating.

10-9 Martinez

Round 8

With five rounds to go Chavez can’t slow Martinez. He lands a nice right hand in the second minute. Martinez is cut over the left eye. It was a good round for Chavez. The round was close. But it's not enough.

10-9 Martinez

Round 9

The gap is closing between the fighters and Chavez is landing more, but Martinez is still moving well enough to win exchanges. He is landing and moving out of distance. Simply put, Martinez is out-classing Chavez again.

10-9 Martinez

Round 10

You have to give Chavez credit for staying on the prowl but this is another one-sided round. There is a clash of heads in the second minute that opens a gash on top of Martinez’s head. Martinez has extreme energy.

10-9 Martinez

Round 11

Chavez lands a good right hand to start round 11. Martinez takes it well. Chavez lands another good right that forces Martinez to fire back. Chavez wins his first round of the bout.

10-9 Chavez

Round 12

Martinez looks tired but continues to move well. Chavez can’t touch him, can’t catch Martinez, can’t get him close enough to throw a punch. And then… Martinez goes down! Chavez is all over him. Martinez gets up from the count. Chavez charges, hits Martinez again. Martinez falls, but the ref calls it a slip. The fighters go blow for blow in the final minute. Chavez looks for the killer punch but can’t land. Martinez is wobbling but stays on his feet.

10-8 Chavez

Here come the scorecards

117-110, 118-109, 118-109 Sergio Martinez wins!