Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Miguel Cotto

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It's almost showtime! Michael Buffer is doing his thing and we are about to get it on! This is a live crowd, a pro Miguel Cotto crowd. Fighters are announced. We are seconds away!

Round 1

Cotto starts aggressive as Floyd paws the jab. The action is taking place in the center of the ring. Chants of Cotto echo the crowd. Floyd lands a nice uppercut inside to back off Cotto. Both fighters are showing their skills. Cotto slips a low blow unseen by the ref. Floyd’s left hand was the difference in round one.

10-9 Floyd

Round 2

Floyd starts with the jab and once again uses the left hand to keep his distance. Cotto backs Floyd against the ropes but Floyd gets the better of the exchanges. Good toe-to-toe action. Floyd is landing great combos. But Cotto is game.

10-9 Floyd

Round 3

Cotto finishes a good exchange with a left hook to Floyd’s head in th first minute. Once again, Cotto pushes Floyd to the ropes. Floyd slips the punches and returns fire. Even round so far. Action moves to the middle of the ring in the last minute. Cotto catches Floyd with a good left hook. This is Cotto’s round.

10-9 Cotto

Round 4

Floyd lands successive right hands that rises the crowd. His quickness is coming into effective. Great round for Floyd thus far. Cotto pushes Floyd into the corner again but does not land effectively. The P4P king shows why he’s the best in round 4.

10-9 Floyd

Round 5

The round begins with Cotto pressing Floyd into the corner. Mayweather infvites the oncoming Cotto to come forward then picks him apart with counter shots. A five punch combo rips Cotto. Yet he still comes forward and pushes Floyd to the ropes. We’ll see if the pressure gets to Floyd in the later rounds. Right now, he’s winning. But once again, Cotto is game.

10-9 Floyd

Round 6

Cotto works well to the body in the first minute. The action is in the center of the ring. Floyd’s nose is bleeding from a great left jab followed by a left hook. Cotto is dare I say, dominating this round in the first two minutes. Floyd stalks Cotto in the final seconds.

10-9 Cotto

Round 7

Floyd uses the jab to start the round. Cotto is patient. Cotto lands a sneaky uppercut midway through. Great four punch combo by followed by over hand rights in the last minute. Mr. Money proves elusive and controls the action. Good round for Floyd.

10-9 Floyd

Round 8

Fighters exchange power shots. Cotto hits Floyd with a good right against the ropes. Cotto is doing a great job keeping Mayweather on the ropes. But Floyd stays calm and in control. Round is up for grabs in the final minute.Floyd again gets pushed to the ropes. We have never seen Floyd get hit likes this. The crowd is going crazy!

10-9 Cotto

Round 9

Floyd’s nose is bleeding in the corner but cleans up as the bell sounds. Floyd’s team screams at him to stay off the ropes. It can be heard ringside. In the middle of the ring, Floyd is in control. He turns the tables and pushes Cotto back. Three upper cuts from Floyd punctuate the round.

10-9 Floyd

Round 10

We knew it would be exciting! Floyd’s jab is working well early. He uses it to back Cotto followed by a right cross. Action calms for once then picks up as Floyd walks back to the ropes. Cotto hits Floyd with two good lefts. Floyd returns fire, using the jab to control the action and slips away.

10-9 Floyd

Round 11

I slipped to ask Ishe Smith how he has it scored. Smith says 6-4. We have it 7-3. Then Smith says he doesn’t trust the judges, thinks one judge might have Cotto winning. Back to the action, Floyd goes to the ropes willingly, then he lands two great uppercuts. Cotto is getting dirty; he lands another sneaky low blow unseen by the ref. No matter, this is a Floyd round.

10-9 Floyd

Round 12

What a fight! Cotto pushes Floyd to the ropes. The crowd is on it’s feet. Floyd charges, the fighter’s exchange power shots through. Floyd wobbles Cotto with two great uppercuts. Cotto is hurt. Floyd is smiling now. He is in control. Another uppercut wobbles Cotto. Floyd is still King.

10-9 Floyd

TSS scores it 9-3

Judges: 117-111, 117-111, 118-110 all for Floyd “Money” Mayweather

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Man, I hate this. I feel like I loose more than a fight. I will say one thing.... Mayweather represents the bad winning over good, he is the arrogant, stupid, bad mouth one and he wins....???? S**t!!!!!!!! This is like bad movie you hate to pay for it.... what a hard blow to my chin and pride.... the worst thing is we don't have other boxers coming up who can give us the standing we are use to in Puerto Rico. .NO juanma, no wilfred vazquez, no Ivan Calderon, no nothing exciting new. That hurts the most. For Mayweather and uncle Roger... I truly wish them to go to jail if they deserve it. Bad should not win... in this ring or any ring. To those who will make fun or have a parade on Miguel's name... remember one thing... he always give you excitement win or loose.. you have never seen Cotto in a boring fight, when you talk about heart and determination, the face of Miguel Cotto will always come to mind and when you talk about a tru warrior who never backed down from a fight... well, that's Miguel Cotto.