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Cotto vs Margarito 2

Grudge match, anger, rage, hatred, blood, and guts, Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito carry all traits going into their second fight tonight at Madison Square Garden. Only time will tell who stands tall over their foe in front of the crazed Puerto Rican crowd. The fight is moments away!

Miguel Cotto 36-2, 29 knockouts weighs 152.25 pounds, Margarito 38-7, 28 knockouts is at 152.50. Sporting braids and glittered Mexican trunks, Margarito is all smiles in the dressing room. He got a call from the first lady of Mexico before the fight as a vote of confidence.

Cotto is all business in the dressing room. He is wearing blue and yellow shorts. The fight is coming in minutes.

Round 1

Cotto landed solid counter shots throughout the round. Margarito took them well and walked through the shots. But the action took place in the center of the ring. Great round for Cotto. 10-9 Cotto

Round 2

Margarito starts more aggressive in round 2. He is pressing Cotto. But Cotto looks determined. Action is all in the center of the ring. Cotto is picking Margarito with counter left hands. It’s early but Cotto is winning.

Cotto 10-9

Round 3

Cotto’s back has not touched the ropes in the first two rounds. He lands a nice four punch combo that opens a cut outside of Margarito’s right eye. Margarito is smiling but he is in trouble early. It’s turned into a war in round three. The hated rivals are trading shots. Margo is making it a fight. But Cotto wins the round.

10-9 Cotto

Round 4

Margo points to his right cheek, daring Cotto to connect. Cotto answers with precise shots jab followed by the right cross. Each exchange has vicious intentions. Margo is landing great left uppercuts that seem to slow Cotto down. This is a good Margo round. Margarito smiles at the sound of the bell.

10-9 Margarito

Round 5

Margarito’s eye is closing. Cotto is getting backed to the ropes now but he has a lot of movement and looks stronger than the first fight. Cotto is bleeding from the mouth. The Margo pressure is in full effect, pacing Cotto around the ring. Margarito is landing clean shots.

10-9 Margarito

Round 6

Cotto’s legs look strong and he connects easy but Margarito continues to come forward. Uppercuts by Margarito once again meet their mark. Cotto will win if he survives the onslaught. So far he is hurting, spitting blood, but winning a close fight, out-boxing Margarito.

Cotto 10-9

Round 7

Margo’s right eye is closed. He has a sense of urgency in this round, more than usual at least.Cotto has more of a defensive approach, but lands a three punch combo to the temple of Margarito that continues to come forward as always.Cotto has more energy at this point than he did in their first fight. Another round for Cotto – Margarito’s eye bleeds.

10-9 Cotto

Round 8

The doctor took a long look at Margarito’s eye in between the round. The fight continues, same story as before, Margarito stalks and Cotto counters. The action stops mid round to re-tape Cotto’s glove. Margarito uses the jab more in this round to get inside but Cotto is doing a great job evading the shots. Maybe great is too strong a word but Cotto is the better man so far. Cotto is winning this fight.

Cotto 10-9

Round 9

The doc takes a longer look at Margarito’s bad right eye. Margarito has energy and continues to throw excessive shots and comes forward but it isn’t enough tonight. Cotto is on point. He staggers Margarito with a great left hook, follow by a left cross.

Cotto 10-9

The doctors decide to stop the fight at the end of round nine as a result of Margarito's closed eye. Miguel Cotto is the winner!

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