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BIG DRAMA INDEED – Middleweight champion and global fan favorite Gennady Golovkin has repeatedly sought, without avail, the opponent to present the type of test to elevate and propel “GGG” to true greatness.

Kell Brook, the respected but relatively un-revered IBF welterweight titlist, has repeatedly sought, without avail, the opponent to provide that same catalyst.

Now, these elite boxers have made themselves available to each other and to fight fans as an intriguing encounter, scheduled for London’s O2 Arena on September 10th. While some grumblers may see Brook’s brave step up as yet another easy night for Golovkin against an overmatched, disadvantaged foe, expect a very quick sellout.

There are plenty of positives to the contest by simple virtue of the participants. Each man is undefeated, with 34 year old Golovkin at 35-0 (32 KO) and Brook, 30, at 36-0 (25). This will be GGG’s 16th title defense. Whatever the perspective, Golovkin and Brook are amongst the top fighters on any reasonable pound-for- pound evaluation.

“I promise another big drama show,” said Golovkin, “I’m very excited to fight in front of the great British fans.”

“We have a great deal of respect for Kell Brook for stepping up after so many were reluctant to do so,” stated Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler.


“Special K” indeed gains respect for accepting the challenge. He is obviously special as a boxer, but is that special enough to give Golovkin any problems? Courage and skill alone are not enough to tame a beast like Golovkin, as many tough middleweights have painfully learned. Things may change the moment he and Golovkin are in the same room, let alone the same ring, but Brook seems confident.

“When this fight was offered I accepted within minutes,” said Brook. “You’ve seen some huge names running from GGG but I’m running to him.”

Is this a fool rushing in? Brook will hang on to his IBF strap regardless of the result and gain a huge payday and global exposure but it can’t be considered a nothing to lose situation since any bout, especially against a puncher like Golovkin, can change a man, a career, or both with one terrible thud.

Brook is following the rumbling road taken by Amir Kahn, under a similar scenario of taking the biggest, long sought opportunity available, as when Kahn faced Saul Alvarez after unsuccessful attempts at big fights in a more advantageous weight class. Kahn got pounded out, but had enough early moments to guarantee further marquee value.

In terms of boxing class, no one in the sport currently brings more to the table than Golovkin. Does that mean Brook faces the same fistic fate as Kahn? Probably, but not absolutely. The foes are listed at approximately an inch apart in height and reach.

While bookmakers may see identical gloved lightning striking twice and establish Golovkin as a substantial favorite, any fighter with Brooks’ skill is almost always a live underdog.

Style wise, this appears on paper as a case of Brook counter-punching to avoid a constant, oncoming storm but it is also quite likely Brook tries to establish himself with an immediate, aggressive assault.

Is Brook capable of a spectacular type surprise like Roberto Duran in his first fight against Sugar Ray Leonard and Michael Spinks’ initial win against Larry Holmes or will Brook share lamentations with Kahn?

Here are the very unofficial opening Euro Bureau propositions on Brook’s Big Drama:

Golovkin to win : – 600 (six to one in favor)

Brook to win : + 400  (four to one against)

Knockout : guaranteed

Brook to score knockdown : 50 – 1 (impossible?)

Golovkin to score knockdown :  1 – 10  (unavoidable?)

Draw :  30 – 1

Disqualification : 100 – 1

Good Fight : pick ‘em (even)

Brook to leave ring with a better reputation than going in: probably

Golovkin to leave ring with a better reputation than going in: probably not

Winner to Fight Canelo next : pick ‘em

Brook to Fight Kahn (ever): there’s a better chance now

Brook to retire Undefeated : nope (Mayweather un-retires before that)

Golovkin to Retire Undefeated : looking better and better, unless perhaps he takes a big chance like Brook and Kahn.


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