Fury urges British and Irish fans to bring the noise and watch him make history

Tyson Fury urges British and Irish fans to bring the noise and watch him make history on November 28

Fury challenges Wladimir Klitschko for the world heavyweight championship at Dusseldorf’s ESPRIT arena

Fury vs. Klitschko, LIVE on Sky Sports Box Office


LONDON (19 NOVEMBER) Number one heavyweight contender Tyson Fury has urged fans from Britain and Ireland to snap up remaining tickets to his highly-anticipated world heavyweight title clash with Wladimir Klitschko at the ESPRIT arena in Dusseldorf, Germany next Saturday (November 28), and to cheer him on to an explosive and historic knockout victory.

The 27-year-old Fury, unbeaten in 24 professional fights, already feels he has spooked Klitschko, and well and truly got under his skin, and now believes his legion of supporters can play their part when the two heavyweight giants collide next weekend.

“The German crowd don’t make much noise,” he said. “They like to politely clap at the end of a round, but that’s about it. The British and Irish supporters, though, are the noisiest and best in the world.

“When my supporters start making noise, Wlad won’t know what has hit him. He’ll never have experienced an atmosphere like it. He likes silence when he fights because it gives him time and room to think. He doesn’t like things to get chaotic or crazy.

“But, unfortunately for him, on November 28 he’ll be in for an almighty shock. Not only will my supporters out-sing his, I’ll also be making plenty of noise with my left and right fists and will be hitting Wlad more than he’s ever been hit before.”

Fury has had to wait patiently for his shot, having watched Klitschko withdraw from their initial October 24 date, but is all the better for the delay, he says, and currently in the best shape of his life. Now, with the bulk of training wrapped up, Tyson can’t wait to head to Dusseldorf and realise his dream of becoming world heavyweight champion, all the while conquering a legend.

“That means a lot to me,” said the former European, British, Commonwealth and Irish heavyweight champion. “It won’t make a bit of difference on the night – no amount of talking or statistics will – but it will be nice to think I will have made history when I flatten Klitschko. It’s an added bonus.

“This fight is about many things for me. It’s about fulfilling my goal of becoming world heavyweight champion, it’s about staying undefeated and winning just another fight, and it’s also about beating Wladimir Klitschko. He’s the best heavyweight in the world right now and has been for a long time. That’s exactly why I went after him and wanted to fight him. I didn’t want to just pick up a belt against some other champion. That was never my plan. I wanted to beat the best.”

Fury continued: “I know Klitschko wouldn’t be going anywhere near me if this fight hadn’t been mandated and forced upon him. I’m not somebody he wants to fight. I’m not hand-picked. He can’t control me. He knows my dangers.

“But he’s got me now. His nightmare has become a reality. And, on November 28, I’m doing what he was unable to do first time round – I’m turning up. I’ll then do what Wlad’s been unable to do his entire career – put on a show, entertain the fans and send them home happy. Mark my words: I will become heavyweight champion of the world on November 28.”

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-Radam G :

GO Tyson "Fists of" Fury! History awaits you. Holla!

-miguel1 :

I have to admit Im looking more forward to this fight than I have any heavyweight fight in years and years. Fury is so annoying however, lol that I may not be as sad as usual when Dr SleepHammer wins

-Domenic :

I'm excited for this thing. Wish it was this Saturday. Fury, Muhammad Ali's cousin, is being favored by a lot of people to obliterate the fraudulent 'quack' doctor. I think Klitschko's for real, but there's a real contingent out there that beliefs he's a charlatan. We'll see. I still don't understand why the media doesn't play up the Fury-Ali angle way more vigorously. After all, they're cousins, very directly and closely related, akin to brothers. He ought to have that emblazoned on his trunks, and tattooed all over his body. Cliff Couser, Mike Tyson's cousin (I believe Tyson's mother and Couser's mother were sisters; same as Tyson Fury and Muhammad Ali), parlayed that relationship into several televised fights, and earned himself some cash and got a win or two over some journeymen. We're seeing this play out with Fury now.

-Radam G :

I have to admit Im looking more forward to this fight than I have any heavyweight fight in years and years. Fury is so annoying however, lol that I may not be as sad as usual when Dr SleepHammer wins
Hehehe! You got jokes! "SleepHammer?" I thought that Doc Wlad was known as "The Big, Ugly Klinchko" -- I mean "SteelHammer." Hahaha! I've been told, and I've seen it on film, that over 51 years ago on the U.S. mainland side of the pond, there was another annoying, loud-mouthed pug -- with Gypsy Irish blood running through his veins -- who was given no chance. But he "shook up da wiiirrrrrlllllldddddd!" On Tyson, put your money. Don't make the mistake that pundits and fans made over one score and one decade ago by putting it not on cuz Cassius, but on Sonny. Holla!

-amayseng :

I like Fury and his big mouth. At least he is hyping the HW division which is much needed. Hoping for a good fight