Andrade Irked At Team Mundine

(picture by Shane Sims / Banner Promotions)

This release came out from Team Andrade and lays out the ire at Team Mundine after a proposed botu went off the rails:

Australian Waffle

Anthony Mundine gets cold feet after WBO Jr. Middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade

Agrees to terms for title fight next month in Australia

PROVIDENCE (July 18, 2015) – The long awaited ring return for undefeated World Boxing Organization (WBO) junior middleweight champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade (21-0, 14 KOs) has, unfortunately, hit another roadblock as Anthony “The Man” Mundine (47-7, 27 KOs) has reneged on an agreement to challenge Andrade next month in his native Australia.

“We agreed to terms with Mundine’s promoter but have heard nothing back since then,” 27-year-old Andrade explained. “Mundine calls out (Floyd) Mayweather but he won’t take a legitimate WBO World title fight at 154 pounds in his own country? Same old story, I guess. Everybody wants something until they have a chance to really get it.”

“Anthony Mundine’s team had one of those careful-what-you-wish-for moments,” Andrade’s manager Ed Farris noted, “in which Demetrius accepted all of their requested terms, including Demetrius putting up his WBO belt to fight Mundine on his own home turf. After previously agreeing to fight Andrade, Mundine’s team has now had a change of heart, and they apparently are looking to fight a lesser opponent.”

Andrade hasn’t fought since he destroyed WBO No. 1 mandatory contender Brian Rose (25-1-1) in seven rounds on June 14, 2014. Unable to lure either Mayweather or Miquel Cotto into a mega-fight, nor WBO No. 1 contender Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, or even a unification with WBA champion Erislandy “The American Dream” Lara, 2008 U.S. Olympian Andrade believed that he finally had a title defense locked in for next month against former two-time super middleweight world champion Mundine.

“I don’t understand,” a frustrated Andrade added. “We offered this guy a chance to win the championship of the world in his home country and he looked for a way out instead? What kind of fighter is he? Any real fighter would do anything for that kind of an opportunity.”




-Bernie Campbell :

Are you kidding me? Anthony Mundine, That Friscoe is older than dirt! Doesnt say much for DeMetrius! Putem in with Danny Jacobs, les see what hes got!

-StormCentre :

Mundine wants (needs?) a decent win. Perhaps Andrade is - now that it has become clearer that he is a risk that is not quite so easily mitigated with pre-fight negotiations - not considered to be a part of that winning "recipe". Anthony - if in shape and motivated - would normally be able to hang with Demetrius. However, there's a difference between "hanging" with guys and beating them; especially over 12 rounds and in front of paying crowds. I think the issue will be - should the fight occur - what happens when/if Demetrius finds another gear and is not impaired by the travel, negotiations, and other overseas "issues" that are normally associated with a bout on foreign soil. Mundine got a shock when he found out that Clottey (after a decent layoff) was not only alive (when they fought in NSW Australia) - but also kicking (hitting?) well. Still, despite all the knockdowns and how disrespectfully (beautifully?) Joshua just walked in, and at times strategically/simply placed his arm so Anthony could not retaliate, and proceeded to bash Mundine on his own turf; Anthony did also do reasonably well to survive, not quit, and see the final round. Clottey is tough and most boxers of the technician and/or stylist genre - as Mundine (effectively) promotes himself to be - would be quite hard pressed to keep all the intricate parts of their repertoire successfully/effectively moving for 10 or 12 rounds against Joshua. Unless, of course, they were truly top level operators and/or possibly PEDjuiced to the max. Actually, Clottey V Brook/Thurman - aside from the promotional obstacles - would be a good matchup. Sometimes we forget about Clottey - even as a gatekeeper - when we talk super/welterweights; he is easily as tough, experienced, and durable as say Rios and Guerrero. Back to Mundine. Mundine (after the Clottey loss) then went on to fight Hatton's next big Eastern Bloc sensation Sergey Rabchenko - who himself, surprise, surprise, was a little more limited than the hype around him suggested. Anthony, without any significant discomfort, defeated (the slightly robotic and, at championship level, underdeveloped) Rabchenko by a reasonably obvious margin. This Mundine win was achieved, mostly, via superior speed, agility and movement. But Mundine didn't really dominate Rabchenko in the manner that one might expect. Particularly given Anthony's - vocalized, hyped and/or private (if there is such a thing for Anthony in boxing) - aspirations. Rabchenko's team (after all the pre-fight Mundine V Rabchenko noise) cried about the loss to Mundine, and demanded a rematch, but they never really wanted (or deserved) it; hence the official lack of it This was all on the back of Mundine's KO stoppage of Mosley in 2013. Which itself was on the back of Anthony's close points loss to Geale earlier in the same year. And all that, itself, was on the back of Mundine's (last) great claim/effort to show and prove to the world that he is a truly world class super welterweight deserving of a fight with Mayweather; when, in 2012, he went to the USA (Nevada) to prove his worthiness by fighting - perhaps disappointingly given the claims - none other than a faded Bronco McKart; whom Anthony stopped somewhere around round 8 I believe. From there Mundine - contrary to how one may have interpreted his above-mentioned claims to take the USA market by
Storm - rather than remaining and/or continuing to campaign overseas and fight the top guys as a means to flush a Mayweather fight out - returned to Australia; from where the above discussion applies. Given Demetrius Andrade probably represents a guy that can (fairly well) match (if not exceed) Anthony on speed, agility, stamina, and power; my spider sense says to me that this possibly was/is a fight for Anthony that represented risks that the Demetrius' team themselves were unwilling to let Mundine contractually or otherwise offset. Can't prove that and/or promise that the
Storm's lightening only strikes once though.