Caruso Sends Shot Across Adonis’ Bow, Michel Responds

Passionate advocate Vince Caruso, the NJ-born American advisor to light heavy contender Nadjib Mohammedi, penned an open letter making it known what path he seeks for his kid, who got a win on the #KovalevPascal undercard Saturday. Here is the letter, and scroll all the way down from a response from the promoter of Adonis Stevenson, Yvon Michel.

Open letter from Vince Caruso, advisor to Nadjib Mohammedi

In response to all of the post-fight matchmaking everyone seems to be doing since Sergey Kovalev’s victory over Jean Pascal last Saturday night, I’d like to be a painful reminder as to what is reality, and not fantasy.

Since becoming the IBF’s #1 contender last June, Nadjib Mohammedi has had one trajectory….the unified light heavyweight championship of the world. At the time, the division’s belt holders were Bernard Hopkins, Adonis Stevenson & Sergey Kovalev. Mr. Mohammedi had every opportunity to press the issue with the IBF to get then-champ Hopkins in the ring last July. Under my advisement with my partner, Jon Ali, we told Nadjib to wait, as we all believed Sergey Kovalev had the skillset to collect all three titles within a fiscal calendar year. And minus the WBC strap, he has done just that.

Nadjib has always maintained his confidence in knowing he could defeat The Krusher if given the opportunity. We signed with Main Events, enlisted the great boxing mind that is Abel Sanchez, and mapped out a plan to get Sergey Kovalev in the ring, by Summer 2015, with as many major titles on the line as possible. That plan has now materialized, barring any set backs in negotiations.

We have made it no secret our desire and willingness to take on the tremendous task of facing the most dangerous fighter in the sport today. We didn’t hide behind a promoter….we ran to his, signed, and said “Bring him on”.

Nadjib Mohammedi has survived every hardship life could throw at someone, and it is precisely that adversity that will lift him to victory when the task is at hand. He wants to define his legacy before lining his wallet. So, to Yvon Michel and his charge Adonis Stevenson….I’m sorry. You had umpteenth opportunities to face Sergey Kovalev. For whatever reasons you may have come up with (and there have been many), bottom line is you balked. Real fighters find a way to fight, not find a way not to.

Now, you want to put the pedal to the floor and speed up the urgency for a unification with Mr. Kovalev. Again, I apologize to have to correct you, but come July, if we have our way, you won’t be negotiating with Ms. Duva for a showdown with Sergey Kovalev. It will be The IronDjib Mohammedi. The new unified light heavyweight champion of the world. This is a plan that has almost been a year in the making. And now, with Abel Sanchez at the helm, and Jon Ali and I providing guidance, Nadjib Mohammedi will show the entire boxing world that THE ONE TRAJECTORY IS THE VICTORY!

We are here and we are ready to not just rain on your parade, but be a flash flood that alters the entire landscape of the light heavyweight division.

I reached out to Michel for his take; he responded,

“We are not trying to stop his fighter to fight Kovalev, we want the WBC to set a purse bid date for Stevenson’s mandatory ASAP.”

For the record, there ya go, all…