Danny McDermott Launches Promotional Company

Introducing LGM Promotions

WBU Champ Danny McDermott Launches New Promotional CompanyFirst show, “Fists of the Fighting Irish” Saturday March 14 at the Jersey City Armory

Jersey City, NJ (January 29, 2015)-WBU Jr. Welterweight Champion Danny “Little Mac” McDermott announced today the formation of a new boxing promotional company that will be based out of his hometown in Jersey City NJ.

McDermott has partnered up with local businessman Nick Jayme to form LGM Promotions.

LGM also announced today that it will put on its first show “Fists of the Fighting Irish” at the Jersey City Armory on Saturday, March 14th with McDermott headlining the card in a defense of the title he captured this past July in GenSan City, Phillipines.

“I am excited to start this company. Launching it on the tenth anniversary of my pro debut makes it that much sweeter. This is something that I have been thinking about for some time now. I love boxing. It is my life. It just makes a lot of sense for us right now to begin to prepare for a life after boxing and what better way then be able to put on a fight in my own hometown,” said McDermott.

Jayme is a longtime friend of the McDermott’s and is former amateur boxer himself. He is an active community servant in the Jersey City area. “I have always loved boxing and I have a passion for the sport. I came up in the amateurs with Danny and have known him for many years,” he said. “I recently reconnected with boxing after doing an event with Miguel Cotto and that is when I decided to form LGM Promotions. We are looking to do 4 or 5 events this year in the community. I am a big believer in the Hudson County community. LGM is Jersey City based and that’s where we are basing our roots.

“March 14 is about celebrating the Irish Heritage Parade. We are working close with the Jersey City Irish Parade committee. They are having their dinner on March 13. We are doing the fight on March 14 and then the Parade is on March 15. This event is all about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day,” said Jayme.

“On the boxing side, we hired Rich Komissar (RKO Boxing) to be our Director of Boxing Operations. Rich has a wealth of experience in the sport from every level. It is very comforting to have a guy on our team that people actually call back,” joked Jayme.

Jayme also added, “We also set up a strategic alliance with Mariusz Kolodziej and his group at Global Boxing in North Bergen. Mariusz and Danny go back a long time. He is a great friend of the sport on more than a local level. These first events will be Jersey City ethnic based with family friendly ticket pricing and family friendly concessions. We want the entire community to embrace us. We will make it affordable for a guy to bring his kids to the fights and have a few hot dogs with a couple of sodas and maybe a beer or two without breaking the bank,” finished Jayme. “I’m excited to help. Danny is family. Danny is my guy. He always was and always will be. I’m proud of all he has done in the last year or two. He is extremely popular in this part of New Jersey (as well as across the river in New York City) so it makes great sense to launch here.

“Nick Jayme has a great vision on where he wants his company to be in a year or two. His community minded spirit enlightens me. Nick Jayme is a solutions guy. I like that,” said Komissar. “Our job will not be too hard. This part of New Jersey has an awful lot of boxing clubs and it is teeming with youngsters that want opportunities. We are here to give them just that,” added Komissar. The full event will be announced shortly.