Anthony Mundine Beats Sergey Rabchenko in Australia

Anthony Mundine (47-6, 27 KOs) won a twelve round decision over previously unbeaten Sergey Rabchenko (25-0, 18 KOs) at the Hisense Arena in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on Wednesday.

Mundine used his considerable experience and ring smarts to nullify the efforts of his younger opponent.

Scores were 115-113, 116-112 Mundine, 115-113 Rabchenko. Mundine claimed Rabchenko’s WBC superwelter weight Silver crown.



-Radam G :

I gotta see this one. The kid got psyched out or robbed. I'll holla later about which one after I watched the bout. Holla!

-StormCentre :

No surprises with this result for me. Mundine is one of those fighters that can - when it suits and the stars align - really turn it on. Even his loss to Clottey was quite noble in the sense that he never quite, kept getting up, and made a reasonably good fight out of given that Joshua was clearly waaaay stronger than Anthony. Most guys would lay down under such circumstances. Rabchenko was too raw, reliant upon (overrated) power, and susceptible to his and Hatton's interpretation of the Clottey loss. I mean, look at who Rabchenko was fighting and beating.

-Skibbz :

Merlbourne judges didn't help Rabchenko's cause one bit though storm. You're an ozzie right? Where you at the fight mate?

-StormCentre :

Yep, I flew down there for it. You're right, I think the scores were a bit wide - but still it was a split points decision. Rabchenko has power, youth and durability, but Mundine had the speed, experience and defence to pull it off. Rabchenko is, in one sense, somewhat of a clumsy and open boxer. Mundine has flaws too, but if he gets into his own tempo and controls the distance - which he did mostly in the Rabchenko fight - he's reasonably hard to beat. Final consideration, whilst I am sure Rabchenko will be better in time to come and be perhaps even capable of beating Mundine; Rabchenko still fought Mundine after Anthony had been decked quite a lot and beaten up against Clottey. So Mundine was himself a little gun shy going in.