Donaire and Walters Make Weight, Rubio Doesn’t

Vet Marco Antonio Rubio left a nasty stain on his career, it would appear, if he doesn’t furnish a darned good excuse why he didn’t make the 160 pound max for his Oct. 18 fight against Gennady Golovkin. The Mexican was 161.8, and didn’t bother trying to sweat out to 160, even though the Cali commission gave him two hours to do so. His punishment? He loses his WBC interim title, can’t win Golovkin’s crown even if he wins a Hail Mary special, and has to hand over $100,000 from his purse to the Kazahk hitter.

We shake our heads, it’s all we can do.

Here is the release which went out on two guys who did their jobs, Nonito Donaire and Nicholas Walters.

Oct. 17, Carson,Ca. — (L-R) WBA Super World Featherweight champion Nonito “Filipino Flash” Donaire and WBA Regular World Featherweight champion Nicholas Walters of Jamaica weigh in (both fighters were 125.6 lbs) Friday for their upcoming WBA title unification bout, Saturday Oct. 18 at the StubHub Center in Carson,Calif. on HBO World Championship Boxing.

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-the Roast :

Less than two pounds costs no hoper Rubio 100,000 dollars? I'd fire my trainer on the spot and sit in my corner in silence like Beibet Shumenov in the Hopkins fight. Rubio is going to get his *** kicked one way or the other, might as well save a few bucks. This fight was a waste of time from the start. Donaire vs Walters is what we all want to see.

-StormCentre :

Is it yet another sign that Rubio is getting relieved of his consciousness in several hours; when the Golovkin is released?