WBC Says WBA and IBF Will Now Use Instant Replay


After the meeting between the WBC, WBA and IBF on June 21-24 in Cancun, Mexico, all three organizations have continued to work on several important topics which were discussed, and a new meeting has been confirmed to take place on September 24 in Playa del Carmen, at the Grand Riviera Princess Hotel. The WBC, WBA and IBF representatives have confirmed their attendance to this second meeting and the WBO has been invited to attend, as well.

Instant replay in boxing: It is confirmed that instant replay will be used in world championship fights and any other affiliated championship of the WBC, WBA and IBF.

The WBC shared its protocol and procedures, which have been used for the past eight years and been a great success in many countries where it has been used with the support of many television companies and boxing promoters.

Each organization will use under their discretion their own procedure for the use of instant replay and at all times will have to secure an agreement with the corresponding local boxing commission where the fight takes place.

Following is the WBC current protocol.


1. The WBC, in conjunction with the local commission, will appoint a panel in charge of instant replay. The panel will consist of the WBC Supervisor, the local commission Supervisor, and the specifically appointed monitor supervisor.

2. The promoter, with the support of the television network, will provide a monitor to be placed at the head table of the commission with headphones for audio commentary to receive the live feed.

3. Instant replay is limited to review (a) whether a cut or other injury to the face is the result of a punch or otherwise; or (b) whether a punch is thrown after the bell signaling the end of a round and (c) in any major situation that can change the outcome of the bout and where the replay clearly shows the actions are contradictory to the live ruling of the referee.

4. The referee may call “time out” during the bout and consult with the instant replay panel, if in doubt, as to any scenario. However, it is recommended that all reviews are done during the resting minute period.

5. The instant replay panel will review any controversial instance that may have occurred in any round. A determination of the referee may be overruled solely if the instant replay monitor clearly and conclusively reveals, according to each member of the panel, that the ruling of the action by the referee was mistaken in his original determination.

6. The referee may request to verify the action by watching the TV monitor or may choose to accept the panel’s recommendation, which is the final decision and the ruling that will be enforced.

7. Both corners and the audience will be notified of the final decision.

Following, you will find three examples of video actions which exemplify the need for instant replay in boxing.




-Radam G :

Jive-turkey hypocrites! These corrupted alphabet-sanctioning organizations are just trying to steal and halt the mad thunder that coming from this international amateur association that is the oncoming SUPER sanctioning POWER of the pros. WBC, IBF and WBA are trying to united before they are terminated. We are finishing up the Youth Olympic Games here in China, and are not getting an iota of coverage on the mainland USA. WHY! Forget it! To the hypocrites and ____ ____ _____ ____, I say BYE! Don't you CRY! Holla!

-Scar :

Going slightly off-topic here, I just hope the rest(WBC/IBF/WBO) don't follow the WBA's disgraceful "World" and "Super" title approach.

-amayseng :

I think IR is a good idea between rounds for reviewing a suspect knockdown/trip or even a cut to see if it came from a headbutt or cut. These scenarios are crucial and can determine who is really winning or wins a fight.