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The historic meeting of three major boxing organizations culminated on Tuesday in Cancun, Mexico, with agreements and common ground on many areas of great importance to the sport. Some of the topics Mauricio Sulaiman, Daryl Peoples, and Gilberto Jesus Mendoza(Presidents of the WBC and IBF, and VicePresident of the WBA respectively) discussed included, among other topics:

* Standarization of INSTANT REPLAY procedures and guidelines

* Standardizing anti-doping testing protocols and substances

* PED testing

* General policies for world title unifications

* Glove brands certification

* Weigh-in aspects as the 30 and 7-days precaution process, official day-before the fight weigh-in and day-of-fight weigh-in to monitor gained weight. Establishing programs based on nutrition to educate trainers and boxers

* Standardizing divisions' names

* Reciprocity on suspensions

* Joining forces on retired fighters' aid and funds

* Joint force to address AIBA's monopolistic attempts.

* Proposal of a tournament between champions to determine a sole WORLD CHAMPION.

The meeting's atmosphere was very positive and constructive. The leaders of the three organizations that attended the historic gathering all expressed their hope that the meeting would set the groundwork for multilateral agreements on many areas of benefit to boxing and, above all, boxers. They agreed to appoint a committee to enhance the organizations' communication and to address specific topics of discussion. Announcements on agreements will be forthcoming. The leaders of the WBC, IBF and WBA will meet again on September 24th in Cancun.


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