WBC Looking At Glove Certification

WBC Glove Certification Program Update

The World Boxing Council continues with the ongoing work in regards to boxing gloves certification and safety improvements.

Dr. Clive Nobel from South Africa, Bob Yalen from the United States, and the WBC Medical Committee have been working on this for the last three years, and there are several important results which will be introduced during the WBC Annual Convention at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas on December 14 to 20, 2014.

This program has developed a tracking system for the number of rounds that a single glove is used in fights. The limit has been at a maximum of 30 rounds. The glove must have inside labels (5 x 6), and the boxing commission must mark the labels which correspond to the rounds used after each fight. For example if the fight lasted nine rounds, then two labels will be marked. Once the five labels are marked, that glove will not be permitted to be used in a fight and will be used only in gymnasiums.

All boxing glove manufacturers are invited to implement this system, which is a very important measure to prevent boxing gloves from being used after they have lost their protective properties after many rounds of use.