Foreman, Holyfield, Duran To Be Honored Aug. 9  by Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame

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                                 SECOND INDUCTION CEREMONY AND DINNER


The Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame, which burst on to the scene last year with a critically acclaimed Inaugural Induction Dinner and Ceremony, will induct its second class of honorees Saturday, August 9, 2014 in the beautiful Cohiba Ballroom of The New Tropicana Las Vegas. Cocktail hour and silent auction will begin at 6PM with dinner at 7:15

A star-studded class of 18 inductees, headed by Heavyweight legends George Foreman and Evander Holyfield, along with Panamanian icon Roberto Duran will be feted at a gala dinner honoring their accomplishments.

Tickets priced from $75 to $300 will go on sale at noon Wednesday, May 14 on the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame website:

“We’re excited to be hosting this iconic induction celebration: said Armen Yemenidjian, Vice-president of casino marketing and operations. “Welcoming some of boxing’s legends and the boxing community to our all-new resort and casino is truly and honor”.

The voting panel this year was greatly expanded to 35 voters, including not only NVBHOF Board members, but past inductees and members of the boxing media in Nevada. They chose new inductees in ten categories. Two additional categories were added this year: “Adoptive Nevada Resident” for boxers who moved to Nevada following their pro careers, and “Pioneer” for boxers prior to the modern era of 1960-forward. The 18 new inductees represent some of the greatest and most significant figures in the sport’s glorious history in Nevada, including some who are already in or going into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

NVBHOF Founder and President Rich Marotta said, “We were gratified by the success of our Inaugural Induction last year, with overwhelming support by inductees, boxers and the entire boxing community. Fans showed up in huge numbers and the event was sold-out well in advance. This year, at The New Tropicana, Las Vegas we will have a beautiful venue with an even bigger capacity. We have a wonderful class of inductees and its time again to bring the Nevada boxing community together.”

Heavyweight champs George Foreman and Evander Holyfield, who once were rivals in the ring, will go into the NVBHOF together as 2014 Induction Classmates. The legendary “Manos de Piedra” Roberto Duran who thrilled fans in the Outdoor Fight Era of Las Vegas joins “Big George” and “Real Deal” as Non-Nevada resident boxers.

The Nevada “Resident” Inductees are the late former Heavyweight Champ Sonny Liston whose biggest Nevada bout was his 1-round knockout of former champ Floyd Patterson in Las Vegas, and former Lightweight King Cornelius Boza-Edwards who fought a variety of high-action battles in Nevada including his iconic fight with Bobby Chacon in Las Vegas

In the Adoptive Nevada Resident Category, beloved former heavyweight champ Joe Louis who lived the last several years of his life in Las Vegas was chosen. The Pioneer Boxers were Jack Dempsey and Archie Moore.

The Media Inductees will be world-famed boxing broadcaster Colonel Bob Sheridan, now approaching 1000 world title fights called on TV, and Kevin Iole, longtime beat writer for the Las Vegas Review Journal and now Yahoo Boxing Editor and Columnist. One of boxing’s busiest and most versatile trainers Miguel Diaz was chosen in the Non-Boxer Participant Class. In the Officials category, voters selected retired referee Richard Steele and still-active Kenny Bayless. From the World of Promotions, Top Rank Matchmaker Bruce Trampler was elected. Two longtime contributors to the Nevada Athletic Commission Chuck Minker and Luther Mack are the honorees in the “Executive” Class. In the “Special Contributors” Category, hotel executives Clifford Perlman who ushered in the era of big fights at Caesars, and Steve Wynn who opened his Mirage with the Duran-Leonard fight and followed it up with Holyfield-Douglas and many others will both be inducted.

Gold Circle VIP tickets are $300 apiece, or $3000 for a table of 10. The ticket includes dinner, preferred seating and additional amenity. The Silver Level tickets are $175 per ticket or $1750 for a table of ten. A limited number of Bronze Level $75 General Admission tickets that do not include dinner but allow access to the gala ceremony will also be available.

The Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame is a 501(c)3 non-profit, charity organization committed to helping boxing-related causes. In keeping with its mission, the NVBHOF will, at the Induction Dinner, award donations to several groups. organizations, clubs and schools working hard to promote the positive aspects of boxing.



-The Commish :

Congratulations to all of the honorees, especially to my pal, Kervin Iole, of, and to the late Executive Director of the NSAC, Chuck Minker, who was more like a brother to me than a colleague. Also, a big congrats to the well-deserving Col. Bob Sheridan, who could bring excitement to a call of "Let's Watch the Grass Grow." -Randy G.

-El Dude :

The World honors thy warriors of the Boxing ring and place them on the Halls of Fame of the World. The endeavorments of the Boxing Legends live strong and are recognized and remembered with art, music, media and movies. "Hands of Stone", is a movie based on the life of Roberto "Manos De Piedra" Duran that will be released on 2015 and staring Edgar Ramirez as Duran, Usher as Sugar Ray Leonard, and Reg E. Cathey as Don King amongst many other great stars of film. I cant wait for the movie to come out for El Dude will be the 1st one in line like a main event in Las Vegas. Duran wrote his astonishing legacy with blood and sweat as he fought 119 times with 104 wins, 16 Ls, with a whopping 69 wins coming by KO. The 29th victim for Duran was toe tagged in 1972 where he TKOd the WBA Light-Weight Champ Ken Buchanan in round 13 headed for the 15th. Duran won his second title 8-years later on his 72nd fight when he shocked the world by defeating Sugar Ray Leonard by Unanimous Decision and becoming the new WBC Walter-Weight Champion of the World. 1983 Duran did it again by becoming the new WBA Light-Middle-Weight Champ by TKOing Davey Moore his 77th victim in the 8th but Duran was not done. Once again the earth trembled in 1989 on Duran's 85th win when he won his third title at Middle-Weight vs Iran Barkley by Fight of The Year. The wrath of Duran continued into the Millennium as Pat Lawlor the NBA Super-Middle-Weight Champ surrendered his title to the One And Only Hands of Stone. The World honors thy warriors of the Boxing ring and place them on the Halls of Fame of the World. Evander "The Real Deal Warrior" Holyfield is one of the best if not the best to have laced them up with the Big Boys of Boxing and held his ground like a true Champion. 57 fights, 44 Huge wins, 29 Awesome KOs and 10 losses, 2 draws and 1 no contest. The day that has been remembered as the ear bites from Iron Mike Tyson who out of frustration had nothing left for the Holyfield assault that was relentless. Evander fought the best and gave his best while producing the best fights for us fans to forever remember. Uppercuts and hooks, bombs and pain, Evander Holyfield is a Tue Legend of the Boxing Game. The World honors thy warriors of the Boxing ring and place them on the Halls of Fame of the World. The endeavorments of the Boxing Legends live strong and are recognized and remembered with art, music, media and movies. Who could ever forget the "Rumble In The Jungle" that ended as the Fight of The Century to be for ever remembered. Big George is Bigger than life with his humble smile and his memorable champion legacy fights. George Forman was a Nuclear Bomb in the ring who had 76 wins with 68 KOs like nuclear fallout. Only a handful of foes had luck with Foreman but that never stopped Big George from stomping all over yawl. At 45 Big Time George did the impossible when he KOd Michael Moore in the 10th while becoming the New IBF and WBA lineal Heavy-Weight Champion, 20 years after his Rumble in the Jungle. El Dude with a Kung-FU Bow to the great Ones.

-brownsugar :

Congrats to Holyfield, one of my favorite boxers ever. The man was born to fight like Jordan was born to play basketball, like Steve Young was born to win SuperBowls , and Bobby Fischer was born to play chess. Its good to know that Holy has finally decided to become a part of history instead of attempting to make history. He's earned the opportunity to be honored publically and take a look back on his career with pride. My favorite Holyfield memory was when he entered the ring against Tyson. Holy entered the ring like the savior of boxing whose sole purpose was to free the crown held hostage by a madman. At this point in his career Tyson had crossed the line once too many times... Fans were ready to part ways with the baddest man on the planet on principal alone...... Boxing enthusiasts needed a replacement for the man who had seemingly run amok and was reeling out of control. And Holyfield was that shining light... The hero who would finally impeach the the king for behavior inconsistent with his office. Strangely the fight took on spiritual overtones. As if we were watching a duel between the champions of heaven and hell. The sheer contrast of their ring intrances alone was sureal. Holyfield entered the ring with gospel singer Donny McClurkin singing his recent bible belt hit ...a rousing song referencing the Warrior King David...Holy came in like he was stepping into a poolpit (I almost expected Billy Graham to say a few words of introduction) ....Only instead of delivering his message over a microphone....Holy would be delivering the message with his fists. Tyson came in with a gang... Literally..... 30 men dressed from head to toe in black followed Tyson into the ring in what had to be one of the most ominous ring entrances ever. The only thing missing was the guy holding a sniper rifle in the nosebleed section. Holy prevailed in an epic beat down of a man who surprisingly took his lumps with dignity in a cathartic affair that seemed to leave the boxing world gasping to exhale in relief, yet also saddened because we were seeing the beginning of the end for one of boxing's greatest phenoms. I looked around the cave-like construct that was remodeled into a subterranean recreation room ......the party goers were singing dancing laughing and crying... There was an endless supply of hugs and highfives as the moment settled in. It was a night as epic as any other in boxing...(or at least as close as we could imagine), Holyfield had tamed the wild child and we were grateful for it. Truly one of the most entertaining and satisfying moments I've witnessed in the ring.(thanks Holyfield)