WBC Champions Mental Health Awareness

President Obama declared May Mental Health Awareness Month. And today, May 8th, is Children’s Mental Health Day.

For the last eight years, WBC Cares has brought its World Champions into youth centers, gyms and schools around the globe to inspire children, not to be a champion, but to live like one. Who better than those of us who came from difficult beginnings to show others how good life can be with encouragement, structure and sports?

The WBC has dedicated their championship fights this month to Mental Health Awareness. We stand with Congresswoman Grace Napolitano, Brandon Marshall, Michi Marshall, Metta World Peace, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and wear our green ribbons proudly. Green is our color!

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Left to right: Metta World Peace, Congresswoman Grace Napolitano,

WBC Cares Chairperson Jill Diamond, Michi Marshall, Brandon Marshall.