Tureano Johnson Trash Talks Curtis Stevens

Philadelphia, PA: Tonight when Curtis “Showtime” Stevens (26-4-0, 19 KOs) of Brooklyn, NJ and undefeated Tureano Johnson (14-0, 10 KOs) of Nassau, Bahamas square off at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, boxing fans will find out if Tureano can live up to all the smack talk he was throwing in Curtis' direction at Wednesday's press conference. Johnson said, “Come Friday night someone is going to get bitch-slapped. I am going to enjoy this but I cannot say the same for him. Let's pray I don't put him in the hospital.” Below is the scouting report for tonight's ten round middleweight match-up between Curtis “Showtime” Stevens and Tureano Johnson:

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Curtis “Showtime” Stevens

Photo Credits: Rich Graessle/Main Events

Curtis “Showtime” Stevens


Age : 29

Record : 26-4-0, 19 KOs

Strength : Stevens has one punch power.

Weakness : Curtis doesn't perform as well in the ring with a boxer.

Experience : Stevens had over 300 amateur fights.

Power : The edge here goes to Curtis because he has power in both hands.

Speed : Curtis puts his combinations together well.

Endurance : The edge here goes to Stevens because he has been 12 rounds once (Jan. 29, 2010 – unanimous decision loss to Jesse Brinkley) and 10 rounds three times (Jun. 16, 2007 unanimous decision loss to Andre Dirrell; Mar. 22, 2007 unanimous decision win over Darnell Boone; and Dec. 1, 2006 unanimous decision win over Dhafir Smith).

Accuracy : The edge here also goes to Curtis because he puts his punches together and he has a jab.

Defense : Even money with regards to defense because Curtis tends to leave himself open.

Chin : The edge here goes to Curtis who has been down and has gotten back up.

Style : Curtis comes out. He is the finisher and is going to come right at his opponent. If he hurts his opponent he is going to finish him. He fights like it's personal.

Intangibles : Stevens didn't need to take this fight. He could have waited for a more established opponent. He took a fight with the first guy that wanted to get in the ring with him. He is a fighter.

Tureano Johnson


Age : 30

Record : 14-0-0, 10 KOs

Strength : Johnson has an undefeated record and a strong amateur background

Weakness : Tureano has only fought lesser competition.

Experience : Johnson spent most of his amateur career in Cuba with top prospects. He also competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Power : If Johnson puts his punches together he has decent power.

Speed : The edge goes to Tureano with regards to speed.

Endurance : Johnson has never been past eight rounds. In his last fight which was against an undefeated fighter, he defeated Willie Fortune, Feb. 22, 2013, via unanimous decision. This was his only eight round fight.

Accuracy : Johnson tends to be a bit wild.

Defense : Both fighters are straight forward and for both their biggest attribute is their offense.

Chin : Johnson has never been down so there is a question about how he will react if Curtis knocks him down.

Style : If Tureano hurts Curtis will he know how to finish him? It is unsure whether or not he has that killer instinct.

Intangibles : Johnson wanted this fight when other guys won't dare get in the ring with Curtis. He was talking smack during the press conference so he is trying to win the fight before he gets in the ring.

The Match-Up

Curtis could have decided to sit and wait for the big fight but instead he decided to take on an undefeated prospect which is dangerous. Johnson could have gone on fighting lower class boxers and padded his record. If Johnson beats Stevens it would put him right in the top ten mix in the middleweight division

1. If Tureano Johnson decides to go out there and box will Curtis Stevens be able to cut off the ring and do what he does best?

2. Johnson has never been down in his career if Curtis knocks him down how will he react?

3. Is Stevens overlooking this fight and looking to the bigger fights?

4. Will Johnson's amateur experience benefit him in this fight?

Curtis Stevens replied to Johnson by simply saying, “I will go in there just take care of business. Yes, he's undefeated but he's fought 14 softies. This time he is going to be in there with the real thing.”

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Tureano Johnson

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Main Events' Matchmaker Jolene Mizzone said, “Tonight's fight says a lot about both these guys. Curtis could have decided to sit back and wait for the big fight. Tureano Johnson took the biggest step up in his career by finally getting in the ring with a fighter of Curtis's caliber. He could possibly lose his undefeated record.”

Kathy Duva, Main Events' CEO said, “Curtis is a fighter; he wants to be in the ring. He took this fight even though he didn't have to. Johnson will find out tonight if he belongs among the elite middleweights.”