John Sheppard Wins BWAA Farley Award

The BWAA is proud to announce that John Sheppard has won our 2013 James A. Farley award for “Honesty and Integrity in Boxing.” Sheppard has provided a generation of boxing writers, fans and industry types an indispensable tool: A (free) online database that maintains records of hundreds of thousands of boxers and fights, has transformed the way records are maintained and updated in the sport.

Born in London, Sheppard has been involved in “The Sweet Science” since the 1990’s, when he first worked for former featherweight champion Naseem Hamed’s Prince Promotions. Sheppard kept an online database of boxer records at the time, which he soon expanded to allow access from around the globe. With the growing prominence of the Internet at the time, his site expanded dramatically and, by 2014, has become an essential, daily tool utilized by mostly anyone in the boxing industry.

Sheppard will be honored at the 89th annual BWAA dinner, in which the date and location will be shortly announced.