BWAA Offers Congrats!

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This week it was announced that Steve Farhood (New York) and Santos Perez (Florida) were voted into their State’s Hall of Fame. The BWAA congratulates them on this wonderful achievement.

On another matter, kudos to BWAA members Adam Pollack and Adam Berlin for the recent books they had published. Pollack’s seventh book in a series of heavyweight champions is on Jack Johnson. It is available Via,, and other online dealers. For more information you can reach Adam directly:

Berlin has written two fiction books within a month, something unheard of. For full information about them, he can be reached directly at Also, BWAA member Ivan Goldman has written a book exploring the American criminal justice system. It is aptly named “Sick Justice: Inside the American Gulag.” Ivan has been one of the loudest voices in trying to overturn the conviction of former pro Anthony Fletcher. Ivan can be reached at

Ron Ross has come out with “Tales From The Sidewalks Of New York”. It is a collection of short stories, some of which are about boxing. To find out more contact him at

David Greisman’s book is named “Fighting Words: The heart and Heartbreak of Boxing.” This is an entertaining book on boxing essays. You can get in touch with David at