Joel De La Hoya Statement On Angel Osuna

Last night in Indio, California, Angel Osuna suffered unfortunate, unforseen injuries after fighting nine tough rounds with JDLHmgmnt fighter Hugo Centeno, and is now fighting for his life. We were once again reminded that boxing is not a game, and these warriors place their lives on the line every time they step into the ring.

I saw eighteen young men step into the ring to fight for their livelihoods and our entertainment. One of those young men, Angel Osuna, has not yet returned home to his family. Hugo, myself and the whole JDLH family are praying for a speedy recovery for Angel, and are keeping his family in our thoughts as well. Stepping into the ring in the first place is a brave act, and we know Angel is fighting as hard outside the ring as he battled inside of it last night and throughout his career.

Get well soon Angel.




-DaveB :

Are we doing enough to lessen the chances of these type of things happening? I know there will never be zero accidents but MMA is not dealing with the number of tragedies boxing is. It just makes me wonder. Prayers out for this young man.

-The Shadow :

There's just a lot of focus on it these days, Dave. I don't think the rate is higher now than it was years ago when the mob was running boxing. Remember, this was a lowly card. I'm sure there are low level MMA cards that have accidents that just aren't reported on. MMA has had plenty tragedies.

-Radam G :

Ditto, DaveB! Prayers out for this young man. But it comes with the terrain. Pick on boksing, one has nothing to gain. There are more life-threating injuries in driving a car on the U.S. mainland. Or even playing high school and college football. Holla!