“Macho” Life Ends Tragically for Camacho Outside the Lines (Sunday, 8 a.m. ESPN2; 9 a.m. ESPNEWS)

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One year after Hector Camacho was fatally shot in his native Puerto Rico, OTL examines how the “Macho Man’s” arrested adolescence and frequent drug use ultimately led to his tragic death. Reporter Pablo Torre looks back at Camacho’s turbulent life.

“I told Hector if he didn't get his act together he could get killed. And he would tell me, ‘No, I won't get killed because I'm Macho Man.’ I said, ‘Hector, it doesn't work that way.’” — Angie Garcia, friend who became Camacho's business manager

“I felt like being with him was like having another child. It just, he was never the father, the man, the husband.” — Amy Camacho, divorced wife of Hector Camacho