WBC Convention Kicks Off in Bangkok

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The WBC's 51st Annual Convention kicked off in Bangkok, Thailand. Here are the releases sent out by the WBC, informing boxing fans of the happenings there:

Youngest son of WBC President Jose Sulaiman, Mauricio formally opened the WBC's fifty first Convention in the Thai Capitol Bangkok with an emotional tribute to his Father's determined battle back from major heart surgery and a pledge that he will INDEED return!

WBC Executive Secretary Mauricio said that this is the first WBC Convention his Father has been unable to attend in 45 years. He spoke of post operative complications, but also stated that Don Jose is working very hard to recover.

He confirmed that Jose Sulaiman: “Will recover and he will be back to lead this great organization. Long live the WBC. Long live Jose Sulaiman.”

More than 600 delegates have already arrived in Bangkok, Thailand for the WBC Convention.
Mauricio Sulaiman explained the WBC is powered by the engines of its committees and Board of Governors and is working well as well as effectively in the absence of Jose Sulaiman.

Coronel Bob Sheridan the maestro commentator of more than nine hundred world title fights gave an emotional ten count to greats who have passed away in this last year including: Ken Norton, Emile Griffith, Chuco Castillo, Genaro Hernandez and so recently Frankie Leal. As he said: “They are gone, but they are greats and they will never ever be forgotten.”
Deligates were treated to some marvellous singing and accomplished Muay Thai from Thai youngsters.

Thailand is already proving an exceptional and warmly welcoming host.

WBC Executive Secretary Mauricio Sulaiman has presented the plan of action for the coming year to propel boxing forward.

This plan which was created and coordinated by WBC President Jose Sulaiman and contains a strategy of key elements.

One of these is the continued improvement of software and its usage in the scoring of fights. The aim over the next five years is to to improve and hone the options and subtleties open to Judges, so they aren't mired in or anchored to the ten to nine perpetual mindset.
Concerening the first ever boxing World Cup, which is the inspiration and the brainchild of Jose Sulaiman, its inception has been postponed until March or April of next year, when it'll be re-launched with vigor.

With AIBA, Mauricio Sulaiman said that its monopoly ethos is challenging the structures of many boxing commissions and federations. He cautioned: “We have to work very hard against that.”

There have been several ring fatalities recently. Although these were not WBC bouts, Mauricio said that everyone everwhere needs to coordinate and collate information significantly better concerning medical records. Don Jose is proposing a communications program.

Mauricio explained that Boxing is passing through challenging times, so there is a need to act immediatly and combine stressing: “United we stand-divided we fall!”