MSG Network’s Friday Night Fights

Tonight at 9:00 p.m. on MSG Network’s “Friday Night Fights,” hosted by John Duddy and Mark Breland: Marlon Starling vs. Mark Breland (4/16/88).

At the time of this 1988 bout in Las Vegas, Breland had only one professional defeat – to Marlon Starling the previous year. Looking for revenge and the world welterweight title, Breland went the distance with Starling in the rematch only to be disappointed in the outcome yet again. Starling retained the belt with a draw, which was disputed by many who thought he had clearly out boxed the challenger. Breland disagrees to this day, but gives Starling and his corner, which consisted of the legendary Eddie Futch and a very young Freddie Roach, credit for their aggressive style.

Duddy: “This is the rematch, you didn’t like Marlon.”

Breland: “No, not at all…he was a real pest. He stays right on top of you and throws arms, knees, everything. It was a tough fight.”

Duddy: “He had a couple of legendary trainers in his corner.”

Breland: “Thinking back now, and thinking about Ali vs. Frazier, Futch was in Joe Frazier’s corner. Marlon came at me pretty much the same way, hands up, throwing punches, and I had to throw punches all night long like Ali.”

Duddy: “How did you feel about the draw?”

Breland: “I didn’t like it. I thought I won the fight, I mean, look at his face and look at mine after the fight.”

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