Undefeated heavyweight Andy Ruiz
of Mexicali has been working on
“…hand, head movement and foot
speed” to get wired in for his fight
against Carl Davis at the Hard Rock
in Las Vegas on Saturday, June 8.

Ruiz, 18-0, is working with chief trainer
Big Jeff Grmoja at the Bones Adams
Gym in Las Vegas. Ruiz says he has
one goal: “I am doing all of this to win
the world heavyweight championship.

“I have good chemistry with my team
and I will make the sacrifices to become
one of the few instead of one of the
dreamers,” Ruiz said.

Manager Joe Gagiliardi hired Big
Jeff to train Ruiz.

“When Joe asked me, I came out of
retirement to help Andy. We have
been together since August 2012,”
Big Jeff said.

“We have been working on improving
Andy's skills. I am not a believer in
making unecessary changes. Rather,
I want to perfect the skills Andy has
and develop a style best suited for

Ruiz, a big puncher, added
“…I take nobody for granted in the ring.
My goal is to impose my will and fight
my fight.”

David Sample of Las Vegas is the
strength and conditioning coach for

Ruiz vs Davis will be on Top Rank's
Solo Boxeo Tecate fight card
at the Hard Rock on Paradise Ave.
in Las Vegas.

The big card will be televised by