Guillermo ‘El Chacal’ Rigondeaux is looking forward to defending his
super WBA and WBO 122 pound world titles in September. Rigondeaux is
hoping that his promoters Top Rank and Caribe Promotions can make a
fight with Golden Boy’s WBC 126 pound champion Abner Mares. Golden Boy,
according to the Nevada Athletic Commission, only paid Mares $350,000
for Mares’ victory over Ponce de Leon on the undercard of Mayweather/

“It was an easy night’s work beating the 2012 fighter of the year
Nonito Donaire on April 13th but beating Mares will be even easier,”
said Rigondeaux. “I have already beaten Mares in the Pan American
Games by a wide points margin of 17-7 but with the headgear off and these small
gloves I will knock him out. However, if he wants to step up to the
big time he should take this challenge. I’m sure my promoters can
make financially it worthwhile for him and for Golden Boy. Of
course, if he simply wants to be an undercard fighter and not rise to
this challenge, that is his right but all will know then that he is
afraid to fight me.”



-StormCentre :

Rigondeaux is not a good fight for Mares at this stage. Rigondeaux has more angles than a geometry set, and they're not all on the cartesian plane either. I can see why Rigondeaux wants Mares though. He could, with relative ease, mess Mares up, and make a good (better) name for himself in the process. If I were Mares' handlers, I would be saying look in the other direction

-StormCentre :

Mares V Donaire makes more sense for both fighters

-Radam G :

None of the above fights will happen anytime soon. GBP knows better. Holla!

-StormCentre :

Yes, that's probably true. GB has not made their cash out of Mares yet. They need to bleed that investment a little more before feeding it to the lions.

-deepwater :

I agree. they have to get their $$$ worth before they throw him to the wolves.

-ali :

Just like they couldn't make the Donaire vs Mares fight happen this one won't either.