Montreal, April 30th2013- QuebecerBermane Stiverne showed the entire world he belongs atop the rankings after defeating American Chris Arreola by unanimous decision in California last Saturday. With the win, the man nickname ''B.Ware'' becomes the mandatory challenger for the WBC Heavyweight title currently held by Vitali Klitschko, a first in Quebec boxing history.

''Bermane displayed marvelous boxing qualities as well as incredible physical attributes in his fight against Arreola. He proved he is a credible challenger, formidable and extremely dangerous,” said the president of Eye of the Tiger Management and the pugilist’s manager, Camille Estephan. The latter also mentions that Stiverne, who had to go to the hospital for precaution after the fight, suffered a muscle strain in his back, however all indications are that the injury is a minor one.

The president of the WBC, Mr.José Sulaimán, has confirmed to the Montreal organisation that he’ll be getting in contact with Klitschko very shortly to inform him of Bermane’s new position as well as seeking out Kiltschko’s intentions for his career going forward. Mr. Sulaimán however did clarify that the WBC intends to follow its rules and regulations in order to sanction the championship bout in the coming months. For further details surrounding Bermane Stiverne, please