Introduces Fantasy Boxing Challenge

New York – April 27, 2013 – Throwdown Fantasy introduces fantasy sports games that let you draft a team of fighters and win real money. The website will launch with an inaugural game that is free for all players with cash prizes being given out for the top 5 score leaders. The website will fully launch with weekly Salary Cap Fantasy Drafts similar to other daily fantasy websites.

Fantasy games will last over a 4 week period and players will draft 5 fighters based on the upcoming scheduled fights. Each fighter will be assigned a Salary and each team will have a Salary Cap. New games will roll out each week with a fighter pool from the upcoming 4 week schedule.

Once the full website launches, similar to the daily fantasy websites, players can enter into cash games by making deposits and the top score leaders of each game will win cash prizes.

Players will get points based on the decision of the fights and the statistics. The statistics include Total Punches Landed, Total Punches Thrown, Knockdowns, Connect Percentage and a fighter’s Plus/Minus (Total Connect Pct. minus their opponents Total Connect Pct.).

Throwdown Fantasy is powered by CompuBox. CompuBox has been in the boxing business for over 28 years and is the official stats company for all major TV networks.

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-Radam G :

CompuBox is doing itself a double, because it has always had fantasy-punch counting. The most effective, no-miss way is nanochips in the gloves that can clearly read and score every-single scoring punch. No guessing necessary! No mistakes! No biasness! No jive poo poo! We have the technology here NOW! But like always politics and competition to keep the masses DUMB and sticking to ancient peasants' ways are blocking syet. Holla!