Sergey Kovalev Expresses Thanks for Expressions of Concern About His Hometown of Chelyabinsk

In the wake of the meteor that exploded over Sergey Kovalev's hometown of Chelyabinsk earlier this morning, many people have called or sent messages asking about the welfare of the cruiserweight's family. Sergey wanted to express his thanks for their concern and give an update.

“I was shocked to find out what happened last night in my home town Chelyabinsk, the news shook not just Russia, but the whole world,” said Sergey Kovalev. “I contacted my family and friends as soon I heard about it. Everyone was OK, just scared because they did not know what happened.”

Kovalev added, “In Ural mountain region we never have any kind of Mother Nature disasters, when the meteor shower started exploding in the sky and hit, the earth start shaking. My family said people got very scared and did not know what to do.”

“I am thankful no one was killed. I thank God my family and friends were safe. I am very sorry for the people in my home town who were injured and suffered distress from this natural disaster.” Kovalev added thanks, “I am grateful to all of the people who have contacted me and my promoters to express their concern.”