Jesse James Leija: Building a future with old school methods

Jesse James Leija – Since acquiring his promotional license with successful entrepreneur Mike Battah, two-time World Champion Jesse James Leija has produced four successful fight cards in a collaborative effort with industry stalwarts Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank, Inc.

Although the pairings have been fruitful, the San Antonio boxing legend sees the future of Leija-Battah Promotions achieving long-term success upon adopting a much different and time tested business model.

“Things have been great up to this point,” professes Jesse James Leija. “But moving forward, we believe that we will yield greater long term success by focusing our efforts on building a quality stable of young, talented fighters in and around the San Antonio, Texas area.”

A lot like within the classic era of boxing when promoters were successful without the benefit of television dates and already established fighters, the former Super Featherweight Champion believes that community involvement will prove to be the winning ingredient in his recipe for success.

“It’s about achieving community support, and we feel the best way to gain this is by building up an exciting group of young local fighters and developing their skills over time. Casual sports fans are more willing to support their own, rather than supporting a fighter from another part of the world. So we have to establish the prominence of charismatic young fighters who will capture the imagination of the casual sports fan and bring them out to the events.”

Just like during the days of the classic Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, Leija-Battah Promotions looks to establish their reputation for delivering quality fights on a consistent basis to the casual sports fans in San Antonio, Texas.

The architects of this time-tested business model were Hall of Fame matchmaker Don “War a Week” Chargin and Hall of Fame promoter Aileen Eaton. At the world renowned Olympic Auditorium, the dynamic duo of west coast boxing produced over 2,500 successful fight cards, 100 championship bouts, and 10,000 individual matches.

The Great Mr. Don Chargin cultivated numerous world champions from the local level, like Loreto Garza, Tony “The Tiger” Lopez, Danny “Little Red” Lopez, and Bobby Chacon.

Jesse James Leija hopes to follow in the footsteps of “War a Week” Chargin.

“San Antonio has always been a great fight community that has supported their local fighters for decades. But it’s been a while since anyone has given them someone to really gravitate towards, so that’s what we’re going to do. Our first effort in re-establishing the old school model of fight promotions will take place on Friday, December 21st, at La Villita Assembly Hall in Downtown San Antonio. The response has been overwhelming so far. The venue is almost sold out and everyone is energized about our grassroots effort in live boxing.”

With over a million inhabitants in the greater San Antonio area and only one established major sports franchise, Leija hopes to create the next great sports franchise in the Alamo City. Over time, the former world champion hopes to establish a loyal fan base filled with regular season ticket holders…just like during the legendary two decade run at the famed Olympic Auditorium in LA.

“Leija-Battah Promotions hopes to become San Antonio’s next great sports franchise that offers a quality product on a regular basis. Rather than offering the local fight fans the seasonal fight card, we want to give the great fight fans of SA consistent events over the next several years and hopeful cultivate the next world champion in boxing from San Antonio, Texas.”

Leija–Battah Promotions presents “River City Rumble” at La Villita Assembly Hall in San Antonio, Texas, on Friday, December 21st. The singular Holiday boxing event will feature 9 professional, action filled bouts on one fight card.

The spectacular Leija-Battah presentation will showcase current WBC USNBC Flyweight Champion Joseph Rios in the main event of the evening.

The holiday bout sheet will also include San Antonio favorites Kendo and Jairo Castaneda, as well as Briton Steven Hall, Benjamin Whitaker, Javier Rodriguez, and Joseph Rodriguez.

Please call 210-979-3302 for ticket availability to this special Christmas time event.

Doors open at 6PM CST, and tickets start as low as $20 for the fantastic 9 bout fight card.

Leija-Battah Promotions – San Antonio’s newest franchise in sports entertainment!!