29 November 2012, Union City, NJ — Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will face off for the fourth time on the 8th of December in Las Vegas. The winner of the much-anticipated fight will be crowned the World Boxing Organization’s (WBO) Champion of the Decade.

Sartonk Designs, the premier designer and fabricator of championship boxing belts in the world, was commissioned to create a belt for this one-and-only title. WBO President Valcarcel stated today that he is “looking forward with great expectations to the extraordinary design created by the WBO’s Master Craftsmen, Ardash Sahaghian and Edward Majian, for the ‘WBO Champion of the Decade’ belt.” He foresees that it “will be an outstanding work of art.”

The Champion of the Decade Belt is slated to be a luxurious rendition of the now classic world title belt. While true to the iconic WBO motif, some of its features include over 170 hand-set Swarovski crystals imported from Austria. The eagle that sits atop the center plate has been overhauled and made richer, with crisp detail and an assortment of jewels. A mirror-finished and crystal studded parameter elegantly completes the composition.

“We have surprises on the Belt which we won’t unveil just yet,” commented Edward S. Majian, President of Sartonk Designs. “The opportunity to create a belt at the level of fine art is a privilege. Every crevice, curve, and corner has been detailed, and the belt shines brilliantly, symbolizing two men that have given our sport many brilliant moments,” explained Majian. His grandfather, Ardash Sahaghian, the 91-year New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee added, “We’re proud of everything that leaves SARTONK, but this is not just a championship belt. As a piece that will be awarded once every ten years, this project is of a different character .”

The Champion of the Decade belt is set to be revealed in Las Vegas by the WBO before the Pacquiao-Marquez match. It will also be unveiled on SARTONK’s Twitter account in conjunction with the pre-fight presser.