ATTENTION ALL BOXING PROMOTERS & MATCHMAKERS: It has been brought to my attention that MOST PROMOTERS & MATCHMAKERS believe I am signed to a long and complicated promotional deal. And therefore assume it’s a bunch of hassle and red tape associated with making a fight with me or for me. THAT IS NOT THE CASE AT ALL. I DO NOT HAVE A PROMOTER (that is by choice) and THEREFORE I CAN FIGHT WHEN I WANT AND WHERE I WANT. There is no red tape involved with making a fight with me, you simply contact me and we discuss the business aspects of the fight. I am in a very unique and blessed position for boxing, being as I have a record of 30 wins 3 losses with 22 knockouts and I am not bogged down in a promotional contract that ties up my options. So just to clear up the misconceptions about my promotional status, I here again state “I (Chazz Witherspoon) have no promoter, I have the freedom to fight when I want, where I want, and who I want.” If you are interested in contacting me for a fight, you can do so by Email at: I am always looking for fights (if the opportunity is right), so feel free to contact me.

Thank You,