PHILADELPHIA (August 2, 2012)—Once beaten welterweight contender Steve Upsher Chambers Is seeking an opportunity to take on undefeated welterweight Keith Thurman for a potential fight on October 6th in Atlantic City.

Chambers, 24-1-1 with six knockouts of Philadelphia was offered a fight with Thurman just two weeks before the July 21st scheduled fight.

Chambers would love to get an opportunity at the Florida native but would like the same full training camp as Thurman.

“I have too much pride in my career to take the biggest opportunity on short notice,” said Chambers.

“I understand that he is being positioned to fight on October 6th in Atlantic City. Well Keith, let’s make this happen. It makes even more sense now because I live just an hour from Atlantic City and I will have a full camp to prepare to beat you.”

“Keith and I have been going back and forth on Twitter and now it’s time to settle this in the ring. I deserve this opportunity. A year ago Josesito Lopez pulled out of ESPN fight with me and now he is one of the hottest names in the sport. The world knows I would have won that fight and I should be the one getting the opportunities he has received and now it is my time and Thurman will be MY Victor Ortiz”, finished Chambers.

Chambers, like his brother former heavyweight title challenger “Fast” Eddie Chambers, is trained by James Ali Bashir.

Steve Upsher Chambers is a promotional free agent.