Al Bernstein?s new book, ?30 Years, 30 Undeniable Truths about Boxing, Sports and TV,? (from Diversion Books) has already received a great reception. People from the sports, entertainment and media world are talking about this book. Here are some of the comments:

Don Stradley of Ring Magazine: ?This book is one of the more humorous looks at sports broadcasting that you are ever likely to read. Using a bright and engaging style, Bernstein is a charming storyteller.?

Garry Shandling, Emmy Award winning comedian and actor: ?From rodeo cowboy to nightclub singer to consummate boxing analyst, Al Bernstein?s life is full of surprise, humor and humanity. He takes us into the boxing world in a very exceptional way that I find mesmerizing. Terrific writing.?

Emanuel Steward, Hall Of Fame trainer, manager and broadcaster: ?Al came into boxing during one of its greatest eras, the 1980?s. Boxing was like a flower blossoming. Al was right there. This book is so well written that it captures that feeling. I felt like he took me back to that time.?

Barry Tompkins, Sportscaster for HBO, ESPN, Fox and Showtime: ?Al Bernstein has seen cable television grow up. In this book, he looks at his time in the industry through a prism that is unique to him. This book gives the reader an insight into the sometimes absurd world of television sports. There is a 31st Undeniable Truth: Al Bernstein is a very funny man.?

30 Years, 30 Undeniable Truths is available at or by simply going to