“Salita Promotion and Fight Factory Gym Start a New Brooklyn Based Boxing Series”

Salita Promotion and Fight Factory Gym are teaming up to start a new Brooklyn based boxing series dubbed “Brooklyn Brawl.” Shows will be held at The Fight Factory, all the matches will be between top and upcoming boxers. Featured fighters will include Golden Gloves Champions, National Champions, and local talent all participating in fights that promise to be exciting.

The goal of this series is to help fighters build a fan base at the grass roots level, and for fans, community leaders, and sponsors to have an opportunity to connect with the stars of today and champions of tomorrow.

Like the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, boxing is a multi cultured sport that attracts boxers from different backgrounds. The diversity of the fighters is a reflection of their origin, background and lifestyle.

In addition all shows will have live performances by a popular artist and include ringside celebrities, radio/TV personalities and politicians to create an exciting one of a kind fight night experience.

The next show is scheduled to take place at the Fight Factory Gym, 24 Cobek Ct., Brooklyn, NY 11223, on Thursday, Aug 23rd. The show will feature twelve exciting matches along with a special performance by Brooklyn’s own Hip Hop artist Rice Maniac fresh off his new video; “The Misfits” which was filmed in Brooklyn. Rice Maniac will entertain the crowd with some of his hit songs.